Saturday, May 4, 2013

My Story: My Walk With Christ

I don't think I've ever really shared my story with you all + I had it laid on my heart to share it with you today. This post is going to just be wrote + posted, I don't plan on editing things too much. If something is spelled wrong or anything, I'm sorry. I still hope you take the message away from it.

I was never raised in a Christian home, my parents knew of God- but they didn't know Him. Thankfully, my sweet Grandma was a Sunday School teacher + would take my sister + I to church with her every Sunday. When I was 5 my family moved from Missouri to Illinois, leaving my sweet Grandma behind. I remember my sister being worried about getting to church + finding a new church to attend. My parents rented and the people we rented from had invited my sister + I to VBS very shortly after we moved in. To this day- my sister still attends that church, her husband + her are even the youth leaders. Crazy how things works out, huh?

Fast forward to my teenage years. I was still going to said church, but by force of my big sister. (I lived with my big sister for a period of time + that was her rules) Once I got a job, Sundays became my day to sleep in so I started to slack on going to church. I guess I just didn't want to go anymore. I would work at a church camp each summer and I loved that. I love seeing people grow into Christ. I just always felt bad because I was only involved with my relationship with Christ those two weeks of the year. Once I moved out of my sisters house, I stopped going to church completely and kind of stopped having any relationship with Christ. I still believed- but I did nothing to grow in Christ or build the relationship. I never talked to God unless things were going bad for me + I'd pray for positive things to come my way.

I started dating a boy and I started doing things I wouldn't have normally done. He was involved in a lot of things I knew were wrong- but I started to change my thoughts on things, I guess because I wanted him to like me. I knew I was heading down the wrong path but I guess I didn't really care to change myself because I had so much going for me, or so I thought.

After about 3 months of dating this boy, I had my car accident. My car wreck was honestly the biggest blessing for me.  I always get odd looks when I say that + I'm sure as you read this, you think the same thing. My accident was bad, I lost my ability to walk, I lost my ability to control my body + I lost a lot of freedom. I had to grow up before I was ready, but that was the best thing for me. I honestly believe that if my wreck would have never happened- I would have ended up in a place much worse than where I am now. I have wrote about why I view my accident as a blessing before + that explains a lot more. I'm a stubborn person + I honestly feel like this accident was the only way I would listen to what God was trying to tell me.

My favorite verse has always been John 15:5. It says "I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing." + I can't. I'm useless with Christ. I can't tell you how amazing it feels to be building a solid relationship with my Heavenly Father. People always tell me I'm so positive + upbeat even considering the situation I'm in. I don't see being paralyzed as a bad thing anymore. Of course I want to walk again, don't get me wrong. I just know that God is using this for HIS glory + I feel blessed and honored to be able to share my story + His love daily. I know that God has a plan for me + I'm okay with that possibly being that I never take another step again in my life.

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