Monday, April 29, 2013

Music Monday: v15

Another Monday- Another fun music playlist for you all. I feel like sometimes these get a little repetitive with some of the same song or bands. I go through random phases of bands/genres of music I like to listen. It usually depends on my mood. Lately, I've been listening to a lot of upbeat stuff, which is why you've seen it here on my blog. I hope you guys are diggin' it just as much as me.

 I am needing people to help join in for my May group giveaway. I am going to accept ads, gifts, gift card, shop credits, etc now instead of money for an ipsy/myglad subscription box. If you want to enter something for part of my giveaway, send me an email.

I hope you're having a wonderful Monday..


  1. I've always loved Two Door and UGH FOUR YEAR STRONG. That band got me through Poland. Okay...just reread that last sentence and it's weird but I LOVE THEM. I only have their most recent album but I love it to pieces.

    1. I think I understand what you meant haha. I really have been listening to a lot of Four Year Strong lately. i'm a fan.


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