Hey, I'm Sabrina Faith. Thanks for stopping by my little corner of the interwebz. 

I'm a 22 year old gal livin' in southern Illinois with two kitty cats, Gregory & Roland. Most of my days consist of me laying in my bed drinking sweet tea by the gallon and binge watching T.V. shows on Netflix. I like to think I'm handling adulthood pretty well.

In 2012, I was in a car accident that caused spinal cord damage and left me paralyzed from my hips down. It's been rough but I've learned a lot about myself as a person and learned what to value in life.You can read more about that here.

Hey Sabrina Faith is slowly making its way into being a beauty blog. My passion for makeup and beauty has grown so much over the years and I am so excited to share those things with you guys. I don't want to fully say I'm just a beauty blogger- because I'm not. I like to talk about my life, fun things I'm into + whatever crazy ideas I have. This blog will never solely be JUST a beauty blog.. because there is so much more to my life than just loving makeup and I like being able to share my personal life with you guys.

This blog used to be called Cattails + Cardigans and all content will be the same. I needed a change to represent where I'm at in life. I really hope you stay around a while.
Got a question? Send it to my email: heysabrinafaith@gmail.com


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