Monday, May 6, 2013

Music Monday v.16

Happy Monday. I'm in Indiana with Mikal for the week. I will be heading to Illinois to see my family there on Saturday + back to TN on Sunday. This week is kind of a busy one for me. Wednesday is Gregory's first birthday, Thursday is Mikal + I's anniversary. Saturday I'm getting my hair done + spending much time with my sister. Hopefully I can give my niece her birthday presents, too. Then Sunday is Mothers Day. I love having things to look forward too. I'm trying to think of ideas for my hair- what colors do you think would best suit me? Blue, teal, purple or pink. I'm not doing an all over color, just lots of it throughout my hair. I really love pastel colors but I'm scared they will fade too fast. What colors do you love in your hair?

I have had the song "Titanium" stuck in my head for a few days now + I'm not sure why so I added it to this playlist so it will be stuck in your heads as well. I also have been hearing this Tegan and Sara song a lot + I really enjoy it, I just didn't know it was Tegan and Sara until I looked it up.


  1. I love how Macklemore is on this mix. (How has Thrift Shop not gotten old at this point?! I don't know but I'm stoked!)

    1. I know- right? at first I was not so sure about it- but it has grown on me.


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