Sunday, November 11, 2012

Why I View My Accident as a "Blessing"

I wanted to make a video about this, but I just haven't had the time. My sweet Nana is in the hospital and we spent all day today with her. I just got back to Tennessee on Friday and haven't had much free time. Honestly, I didn't even realize someone would make such a stink about what I said in my videos, but someone did. I don't even know WHY I feel the need to explain myself, but here I am.

Someone wrote on my YouTube about how he feels I "crossed the limit" when I said "I am so thankful for my accident. it's a huge blessing." Actually, his comment kind of pissed me off to be honest. I don't think he fully understands what I meant by that. I also understand that this dude only knows what he has saw in my videos, I get that. He said he is going through a similar situation and he understands some of the points I made but he just can't see someone being happy with the situation.

Let me explain myself a bit further. My accident happened and I lost a lot of things that day. It's much more than just not being able to walk and I don't think people understand that because I didn't before my accident. With that being said, I have gained so much more from what happened that day. I didn't wake up and pray that something bad would happen. It isn't like I asked God to take away my legs, but that's what happened. My wreck could have been a lot worse. I could have very easily been taken to Heaven that day. God granted me another chance to fix the things I would have regretted if He would have called me Home that day. I could have had more cuts or even head injuries. If I wasn't in a chair, you wouldn't even know I was in a car accident because all my scars are hidden under my clothes. That's a huge blessing in itself.

There's small things to be thankful for too. Such as the fact that my blazer was a vehicle large enough to prevent the roof from caving in on me, killing me. The fact that I put on my seat belt that day, which prevented me from being thrown out of my blazer and probably resulting in the blazer smashing my body and killing me. I also just put plates on my blazer about a week before my accident and I had full coverage. These two things helped pay off my loan for my blazer and take care of some of the hospital costs. Maybe it wasn't much, but it was something. If I would have wrecked a week before I did, I wouldn't have had legal plates on my car, which would have made my insurance void and then I would be in debt for a car that I can't even drive. Everything had fallen into place.

Now onto the most important things that I learned from my wreck. I learned to value life and not to take a day for granted. Tomorrow isn't promised. I learned to value my family and friends more. I have grown a lot closer to my family and opened their eyes to safe driving. I also grew closer to God and built a stronger relationship with Him. If you know me on a personal basis, I think you'd agree that I've matured a lot in the last five months.

It isn't like I prayed for my wreck to happen, but I have grown up so much since my wreck and I love the lessons I learned from it. Yes, I can't walk but that isn't a permanent thing and I can still live a pretty successful and independent life.  Being in a wheelchair doesn't mean I can't be a typical 20 something with an amazing life ahead of me. I don't view being paralyzed as a bad thing anymore because I have so much to be thankful for that it's hard to focus on the negative of it. God has blessed me so much since my wreck that I honestly wouldn't take it back if I had the chance. Of course, I want to walk again but the lessons I've learned from my wreck are ones I know I wouldn't have learned if something drastic didn't happen.

Maybe some of you think I'm a nutcase for saying my accident was a blessing but that's just fine. I know that my Father in Heaven has a plan for me and this is what I was given for the time being. Maybe it's because I've always been a "look on the bright side of things" kind of person that I just take the task like I would any other in life. I really hope you understand where I'm coming from and if you don't, keep your rude, judgmental comments to yourself.


  1. Never mind those narrow-minded people, Sabrina. I’m sure they’ll come to realize soon enough that their negative outlook in life isn’t going to help them in any way. I think it’s very wise of you to think that your accident was a blessing. People can lose a lot in a single car crash, even their own life, and I understand why you’re thankful you made it through alive.

    1. Thank you for understanding. It means a lot to me. Thanks for reading.

  2. I actually think you’re brave because of your outlook towards the accident. While other people could have wallowed in self-pity and gave up, you refused to be tied down by negative thoughts and treated the accident as a reason live on. I hope accident victims could be as brave as you.

    1. Thank you! I am glad you see my point and where I'm at with everything. Thanks for reading.


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