Wednesday, January 16, 2013

a lazy afternoon.

 Yesterday we spent the day inside. The weather was supposed to take a turn for the worst. We called for ice + a lot of it. Schools were out early + some even canceled. I remember they never called school off unless there was actually something going on outside. Guess things have changed. 

 I decided to snap some photos of Gregory. He was really into looking outside at the birds while I tried to snap his photo. I want to start taking more photos of my daily life to share with you guys + hopefully start using more film. I plan on buying myself a gift in the form of a new lens soon whenever I have the extra money. Remember when my camera got stolen? They also took my favorite lens (a Canon  50mm f/1.8), so I want to repurchase this for myself in the new year. I loved this lens so much + it took some of my most favorite photos of my niece. Do you have a favorite lens? If so, share it with me below.

I hope you guys are having a wonderful Wednesday. I'm off to therapy + to ship off these giveaway prizes. Let me know how your day is going below.


  1. I have to say it..... Gregory is GORGEOUS! I also agree with you - my favourite lens is the Canon 50mm too - such a great lens and a brilliant price.

    Awesome post and a wonderful blog!

    Em :)

    1. Thank You! I'd like to say he gets his good looks from his mama (yours truly) but I don't think that's 100% true. (:

      The lens is wonderful + the price is even better. I think EVERYONE should have it.

      Thanks for stopping by.


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