Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Honest To Blog: Keeping Things Personal.

Hey guys. I just wanted to take a hot minute to explain a few things to you. When looking over some answers from my reader survey (click that link to take it if you haven't. It's totally anonymous, so be 100% honest with me), I see that people keep asking me to make videos of my therapy and/or the small amount of movement I've gained back. I have had people contact me on other sites as well about these things and honestly, I can see where it would help someone who may be in a similar situation as me.

However, here is the reasons I don't share such things.

My recovery + my therapy is very personal to me. I have asked that my mom come in and take pictures + videos of me when I start doing new things (like standing for the first time) because I thought it would be good for me to look back on and remember where I came from + have those things for myself. I don't have many pictures of me during therapy and I don't think I have any videos (because my camera wasn't working + my sweet mother didn't realize it). I do talk openly about my progress + my journey to walk again, but I think sharing videos of me is a bit much. 


Sad truth is that I've had to deal with many people who have fetishes for handicap (can I just say how much I hate that word?)  women. I honestly had no idea about this until I started talking openly about my spinal cord injury on YouTube. I've had many people personally message me + ask me to video chat with them, send them pictures of my feet/me in my braces or something of the sort. At first I thought it was just people who were curious. Until I started meeting others who were also in wheelchairs (for a large amount of reasons) and they told me to watch what I put out there. I've had to block several people on Instagram because they've creeped out my other SCI friends that I have contacted or made me feel uncomfortable. When you put yourself out there on the internet, you have to watch what you say and do anyways, I just really have to watch what I share now. I know it's part of being so public about my injury + it makes me sad that I have to filter what I share with others. I think these videos would be a huge benefit to others. I admit, I do watch videos online of people who are in chairs. I've learned a lot of neat things from these videos (like how to transfer correctly, etc) + I can totally see the benefits in posting such things, I just simply do not feel comfortable sharing personal things like that. I will talk openly about my progress and keep you all informed as things change. 

It hurts my heart that I can't share everything I want to share with you. I know what help it's been for me to reach out to others + talk about the things we have in common + how they live their life. I think you all understand that this is my blog + I have the right to share what I want and keep secret what I please.

If you're someone who has posted such videos + you feel fine with it, that's your call. I'm not saying you're wrong by doing these things because if you feel it's right, then do it. It's your call, but I do not feel comfortable posting videos of my therapy or my movement.
I am also aware that I did ask for what you guys wanted to see more of + I'm sorry if you're one of the people who asked for such things. I'm not upset or anything, I just wanted to explain why I didn't post such things. Maybe some bloggers feel they don't need to always explain themselves to their readers but I do.

Bloggers, how do you know what to share + when is "too much"? Please leave your comments below.

 Thanks for reading and thanks for understanding.


  1. Thanks so much for coming over to my blog & putting me in your friends/sponsor section. It amazes me how awesome some bloggers can be ;)
    I'm definitely putting you in my sponsors section!

    ++About the post, I think it's important to keep some things to yourself.. Some things just don't feel right exposed on the internet. It's just privacy really..and you have every right to that. Your readers will be grateful for what you DO share with them about your therapy.

    + Off topic, but do you have any of your photography on your blog? I'm an aspiring photographer so I'd love to see your photos!

    ;) take care,


    1. Yes, I do! I will try + link a few




      there's just the most recent. I took some time off from photography before my wreck because I was super busy. Then I had my wreck + that made things more complicated. I moved to TN, so when I'm back home I try to take more photos. I would also like to start doing more daily life photos + film. Good luck.

      And no problem! I love sharing other bloggers + I know how hard it is sometimes to get your name out there.

  2. You should always post what you're comfortable with.Like you said, you should always be careful with what you put out into this world. But this is your blog, you should only post the things you want to post. And I highly doubt anyone will be displeased with the content you do decided to post.


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