Friday, January 18, 2013

Weekly Wrap-up #2

Monday: We had my first actual day of therapy. We worked on stretching + setting up at an home workout that I felt safe with. We also made a stop by my old therapy center to surprise Kari for her birthday. She turned 30 + I wanted to get her a little thank you for all she's done for me.

Tuesday- We stayed home + I worked on some things online. We were supposed to be getting some bad weather (ice storms) and my mum didn't wanna get out if we didn't have to.

Wednesday- Therapy again. They finally got me on the tilt table. Which is basically a table I lay down on + they strap me in. Slowly, they lift the table up to allow some weight to be on my legs. I got to about 80 (standing is at 90) and I started to feel a little sick. They say it's normal to get light headed because I'm not used to be in that position.

Thursday- We had a checkup in Nashville with my spine doctor. All looked fine + he said there's no reason to change anything. We also went shopping. I picked up a few gifts for a friend + had a nice talk with a stranger. She casually walked up to me + asked why I was in a chair. It was a really nice 10 minute conversation I had. She was such a sweet lady. She hugged me + offered to pray for me. THEN, my mum stopped at Subway for lunch. I stayed in the car but handed her my debit card so I could pay. Well my card is broke so it has tape over the numbers + it wasn't reading. So the nice boy working at subway slide his card + paid for our food. It was a really nice day + made me feel like there is still nice gems in the world.

Friday- I had therapy again + we got on the tilt table again. It was a pretty good day at therapy, really. We also made a stop at Wal Greens (I purchased new nail polish) + headed to Mexican for lunch. We got invited to dinner tonight at a friends house, so we are going to be heading that way soon. 

How was your week?
Here's some photos from the last week. 


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