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Do any of you use dating apps like Tinder? Before I met my current boyfriend, Dustin, I spent some time on dating apps. My whole intention for getting on these apps wasn't to find a new relationship but more so look for friendship. After my previous relationship, I had vowed to spend some time just by myself. It was a pretty toxic relationship and I just wanted to take some time for myself. I had JUST moved back to the area I grew up in but because I had been gone for a year, I felt like I was starting over again. (I moved away to live with my mom while I worked on getting stronger physically after my car accident) Most of the people I hung out with from high school had moved away to college or were starting a family.. so I took to dating apps to hopefully meet new friends.. and I guess I wouldn't turn down a cutie if he came my way.

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I met some really cool people through the apps and I'm still friends with some of the people I met to this day but I learned quickly that most of them only wanted one thing... and that wasn't something I was okay with. Whenever I went to Texas for physical therapy, hoping to meet some locals and find out about the area, I kept the app. Actually, my friend Veronica and I had fun with it because we would get the SAME messages from the SAME dudes and we would mess with them. It was fun but besides that I had this one guy messaging me. I wish I had the screenshots to show you to prove to you how nuts this guy was.

He pulled the really cliche line of "You're beautiful, what are you doing on an app like this?" like and I explained I was in the area for a month and was hoping to meet locals who could tell me a little about the area. He replied RIGHT away and told me I was on the wrong app. At first, I was confused and tried explaining it again... and he replied telling me that I was "wasting his time". I started to get a little defensive now because I clearly remember putting in my bio that I only wanted friends. (which I understand now doesn't always mean that and I realize what Tinder is known for). He kept messaging me and would say things like "You're stuck up." "You're such a prude." and went on and on about how I was SUCH a horrible person for not wanting to hook up with a random stranger. I remember keeping those messages on my phone JUST to show people how insane this dude was. I deleted the app shortly after that because I was NOT prepared to deal with any more guys like that.

Now I bet you're curious on how you can win that trip to Hawaii, right? I've been watching the MTV show "Are You The One?" which takes 20 people (10 males / 10 females) and they compete to find the one. It's a reality tv junkie's dream (if you're curious you can watch the trailer here / watch episode 1 here). Each Wednesday at 10/9pm when the show airs, you have the chance to play along and earn yourself points. (Find out how to play HERE). I think you'll be hooked once you watch the show.

MTV's Are You The One Season 3 Cast

Do you have a crazy dating story? Do you watch the show? Let me know in the comments who your favorite cast member is. 

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