Saturday, April 4, 2015

Ways To Honor Those Who Have Served

Thank you to Direct Energy for sponsoring today’s post and inspiring me to help out the military veterans in my community.

Today's post isn't something I want normally post on my blog- I won't be talking about the newest eyeshadow or great spring lipsticks. I will however be sharing some stories about my cousin, who has served for our country

Whenever I was contacted to work with Direct Energy, I wondered how my readers would take it. I've turned mostly into a beauty blogger and I know that a lot of you are here for the makeup tips. However, I have a lot of military personal in my family and I can almost promise that many of my readers know someone who has also served and I wanted to take time to share this campaign because it can benefit those who allow it too.

I asked my cousin, Galen to answer a few questions for me about his service and he agreed to. Here are his answers:

Why did you pick the service branch you joined? I joined because the national guard recruiter called me first, and he talked a good game
Do you recall your first days in service? My first days, hectic, it was may 1998, I was completely unprepared for the chaos that comes with boot camp, looking back now, they, break you of your civilan tendencies, and show you, through some, rather creative yelling, that you can, and I did, be able to react to situations, under duress, it's all designed to get you to react without thinking, muscle memory as they call it
Which war(s) did you serve in? I did deploy to Germany from Jan 2002, thru Sept 2002, I had a chance to volunteer to go to Iraq, but I made a choice to salvage my marriage, it's my one regret in life.

What's one thing that others have done to give back to you that has stood out to you?: We came back from Botswana, and flew into Maine, as we came down the ramp after we landed, there was a group of people, who welcomed every plane that landed with military personal, they lined the ramp and shook everyones hand, what stood out the most, was the genuine appreciation they had, even after we told told them we didn't come back from a combat zone, they said, you served, and did something that many others didn't do, and we thank you, because you earned the uniform, and in my 17 years, that as stuck with me, they took the time to greet us, super early in the morning

Ways To Give Back To Those Who Have Served:

1. Simply say "Thank You": Something as simple as a "Thank You" could really mean the world to someone who has served. Taking time to appreciate them, even in the smallest way, will be huge.
2. Send Care Packages: I remember growing up, we would always put together care packages for our soldiers. It was fun to get together with others and create these packages. You can send things like beanie babies, certain food items and even boots! Make sure to check before you send packages though, as some things aren't allowed.
3. Be Helpful:  For many who have family deployed, they will need the help. Rather it be babysitting their kids, starting a meal train at your church or even just stopping by to talk. These little things can be huge for their spouses. If praying is your thing, also pray for them. It's the little things that really can mean so much. 
4. Visit Retirement Homes: I'm promising you that many veterans would love to have someone stop by and talk to them and just listen to them. You may even get to hear some interesting stories and make a new friend!  
5. Share This Post: Let them know about the Direct Energy low rates and how they can benefit from it! Direct Energy Military Portal has low rates that are solely for military personal and their families. I think it's great to see companies giving back and if you (or someone you know) could use these benefits, it's a great program to look into!
Do you know someone who has served? What do you do to give back? Let me know below!
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