Friday, April 3, 2015

5 Reasons To Adopt A Pet

Back in February, Dustin and I made the decision to adopt a kitten. It was totally spur of the moment. We went out for Valentine's Day and I joked about going into PetSmart and buying a cat. He kept telling me no, but somehow we ended up in PetSmart and walked out with a kitten. I made a video a few weeks ago and I mentioned Roland and asked if you all wanted to see more about why I think it's important to talk about why adoption is so important.

I've collected five reasons I think it's important to adopt against buying pets. 

1. You'll have a new best friend /
- Roland is such a sweet cat and he gets along so well with my older cat. Roland is so outgoing and friendly. This reason may be a bit selfish- but pets are great friends.

2. You'll save a life /
- Most of the animals you see being given away or sold via sites like Facebook / Craigslist are going to find homes. Not every pet in a shelter will get a home and that will lead to them getting euthanized. When you adopt, you're giving that pet a second chance. That is so important. 

3. It's cheaper. / 
When we adopted Roland- we paid $40 for him. He came to us healthy, up-to-date on his shots and he even was microchipped and fixed. If we would have paid for that all out of our own pocket, it would have been way more. 

4. You can break the cycle of cruelty to animals / 
- Roland was a rescue cat from a home where there were MANY other cats and he was LEFT by his previous owners to basically die in a house. Had the shelter not saved him, Roland would have died and that breaks my heart. Since he was saved, he got a chance to go to a shelter with proper care and eventually come home to me.

5. You get to pick an age /
- We picked Roland because he was so friendly. We walked by and he was sticking his paw out at us. As soon as Dustin held him, we knew we wanted him. I wanted an older cat, just because I know those may not get adopted as easily and I thought it would be better for my older cat. As we were leaving with Roland, an older cat got adopted. The cool thing about adoption is you get to pick your age. Most of the time when you buy, you get younger pets and some people don't want that. 

Adopting animals is so great and so important. Have you adopted before? What other things are important about adoption? Let me know below!

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  1. My husband and I have adopted several kitties, and I think it's just wonderful. It was love at first sight between me and my current cat, Mr. Bloo, when I saw him at the adoption room at PetSmart. He's been our little boy for the past 13 years. Pets are just wonderful; they love you pretty much unconditionally and who could ask for more than that?

    1. I know! They are so sweet and it's amazing how much they really do love you. The first night we brought Roland home, he came and slept with us. He cuddled up next to my face and just slept there. I love having my cats- they make my life so much brighter!


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