Wednesday, April 8, 2015


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Since I took a super long break from blogging, I wanted to pop in an give some updates on how life has been going. I think the best kinds of posts are the more personal ones but I do feel a bit rusty sitting here trying to write a decent post, so please excuse this if it's total crap.

 After getting my license back in January I was so excited to get a job. I figured everything would go pretty fast and I would be driving by now... but I was wrong. Due to the fact that I'm having help with the hand controls, I have to go through a list of things in order to get a car modified for me. I have to depend on others and it's a financial thing, so I've had to push it off until I can afford it. This has caused me to put off getting a job and honestly, I was just feeling really crappy about myself.  I started to not feel like I was going any where in life and I felt that I wasn't really putting effort into the things I loved and that was causing me to not be happy with things I was putting out into the world (this blog, YouTube, photography, etc) and I was just really upset about everything. So I made the choice to go back to school.

This decision was honestly super spur of the moment. I knew I would eventually go back to school but my idea was to go to work, save up some money and then go back. I wasn't really sure what I wanted to go for and I really just hate school, so I wanted to push it off as much as possible. Because the job thing wasn't going well for me and I was starting to feel really crappy about the place in life I was, school seemed like the best option. I talked to my boyfriend about it, tossed around some ideas of what I wanted to go for and came up with a plan (well, kind of). The following week I called to enroll in classes. Right now I'll be finishing the degree I started before I was injured (a general transfer degree) and after I graduate next year, I will hopefully be going for some sort of graphic design.

I am still trying to figure all this out and it's very scary because this all feels so new to me (even though I was in college before I got injured). I had to rush to fill out some scholarships and I'll be filling out more this weekend. I'm nervous about getting back into the "real world", meeting new people and having to wake up extra early but I'm hoping this will help me feel better about the places I'm going in life. I start in August so I have plenty of time to mentally prepare for it (hah!)

What's something you've done lately that makes you nervous? What about something you've done to better yourself?

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  1. I get what you're saying. When I was studying, all I want to do is get a job. Now when I do, I feel like I'm not doing things I love properly and kept being sucked into being a 'responsible' working adult which means working all the time. These days I'm feeling like changing me job but it's making me nervous because it's a decision where I need to discuss with my parent. Of course it does not go smoothly as my parent hope that I'll try holding on for maybe a year before I really decide what I want. I hope your decision to go back to school will be a smooth sailing.

    1. Thank you! I am sorry things are not going so well for you! It's hard trying to decide. Just figure out what works best for YOU.


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