Saturday, July 19, 2014

Textbooks for Less

I am all about saving money- if you read my last post about saving money on high end makeup, you already know this. It's crazy to think that another semester of school is about to start and that means you'll be on the hunt for textbooks. Textbooks can cost a fortune so today I'm going to be sharing how you can save a little with Campus Book Rentals. I've mentioned Campus Book Rentals before and I'm so glad to be able to showcase them a little more today. If you're new here, let me explain a little more about what Campus Book Rentals is and what they do.

Campus Book Rentals allows you to rent your textbooks and save up to 90% of the cost. Renting textbooks from Campus Book Rentals is easy and has so many perks. First of all, they save you money. I'm all about saving money where I can so this is a huge bonus to me. (and shipping is free BOTH WAYS). They also allow you to highlight in the books and they're flexible on their rental times. Those perks right there are enough for me but incase you need a little more- Campus Book Rentals donates to Operation Smile with each textbook rented! You're getting a good deal and you're helping a wonderful cause.

Okay- maybe you don't want to rent textbooks but instead you have old textbooks you want to rent out. Don't worry, they've got you covered here too. Campus Book Rentals has a new program called Rent Back and it allows students to rent out textbooks they own to other students! Students who take part in Rent Back can make up to 2-4x the amount of money they would make with other buyback options. Again, I love saving money and this just seems like a perfect thing to me.

Have you guys ever tried Campus Book Rentals? 

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