Friday, July 18, 2014

Getting High End Makeup without the High end cost

 A few months back I started looking into growing my high end makeup collection. My collection of makeup is pretty small right now and most of it is drugstore items and I wanted that to change. Of course because I am on a fixed income, it's sometimes hard for me to spend the money for high end items.. so I started looking online for discounted makeup. I found lots of blog sales and of course there's eBay- but those can't always be trusted. I worry with eBay because there's a lot of fakes out there and you don't always know if you're getting an ACTUAL high end item. With blog sales, you can't be sure the person is being honest. (NOTE: not saying I haven't bought from both places- I just tend to worry about honesty and authenticity) My search for discounted makeup lead me straight to the loving arms of Glambot.

 Glambot is very similar to a blogsale in the aspect that it sells new and used makeup. I know- I know you're probably thinking "USED MAKEUP?! Sabrina, that's gross!" and I guess some people really feel that about it (don't worry, they do sell NEW makeup too) but it's all cleaned and sanitized before shipment. It comes packaged SO well in the most adorable packaging ever. If for some reason after you purchase the makeup used and you still worry about it being cleaned, you can sanitize yourself by using a spray bottle and some alcohol. They accept your old HIGH end makeup so if you're curious about selling some of your old makeup HERE is the page to view.

Glambot will discount the price of each item if it's used and then slowly take away the cost per usage. Some items are brand new so you will be paying the full retail price (mostly on lip items and LE items). I ordered 4 MAC items- 3 lipsticks and a MSF. I purchased a few MAC  lipsticks a few weeks back and they were instantly added to my favorites but the price is so hard to swallow. If you feel that way too, you should totally check out Glambot!

-Glambot gives you high end makeup for less than retail (on most items)
-They even have LIMITED EDITION items that you can't get from retailers anymore (or that cost a fortune on eBay)
-They can be trusted more than buying from a blog sale or Instagram sale.
-Buying from places like eBay isn't always safe. (You may not even be getting a REAL high end item- lots of fakes out there)
-You can send in your old makeup and make some extra cash OR use it to buy more makeup.

Shout out to the lipstick on my teeth (I filmed two videos this day and had NO idea until I started editing. so I hope it isn't too distracting!)

Milan Mode / 
Resolutely Red / 
Odyssey / 
MSF in Porcelain Pink / 

ALSO- you can save 10% now when you click the link below.

What more do you need? 
 Check out GLAMBOT + take a look around. If you're curious on seeing swatches and me talk more about Glambot, watch the video. GLAMBOT did give me a credit to their site to review these items for you but I also spent some of my own money on this items

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  1. How do you know that they are selling real and not fakes? Just wondering. I would think it's the same as buying from ebay- you don't really know. Do you have a CCO near you? That is the only 100% way to get discounted MAC/other high end items.

  2. That is a good question. You can check out their FAQ site for more but I'll try my best t explain as I know. They check each item that they sell- there are pretty obvious signs for fakes (I'm not sure of them 100% but I've seen plenty of YouTube videos explaining the differences). If you feel you've bought an item that isn't authentic, you can email them and they will do their best to get things straightened out! I'm not sure I know of CCO.

  3. Cool. Like I said I was just curious because I'm over-paranoid. CCOs are Cosmetics Company Outlets. They are located in outlet malls. It is an outlet for Estee Lauder owned brands. Such as MAC, Clinique, Bobbi Brown, Lancome, etc. They are a great place for discounted items as well as limited editions that are no longer in store anymore. Everything there is approximately 15-20% off I believe, and it is all brand new in box. With testers. Basically what I'm saying's heaven. You can find out where there is one near you on this site-

  4. I understand being over-paranoid! I would be too. You're paying a pretty penny for some of those items and you don't want them to be fake. I will look into CCO as well, thank you!

  5. haha. I didn't even notice the lipstick on your teeth until I read your comment when I was done with the video. ;)

  6. oh good! I thought it was so noticeable. I figured if I didn't mention it- someone else would. Thanks for watching, Stacia!

  7. Very cool!!! Thanks for sharing this with us :) I now have another drool worthy place to spend money at!!

  8. What a genius service! It would also be awesome to buy & try a make-up at a discounted price before deciding if it's worth spending full price from a retailer's site/store. I totally did not notice the lipstick on your teeth, you were very stealthy with it. However, I did notice your 'contact' button was misspelled here on your blog. Go figure at the things I notice! lol

  9. oh my goodness- I am so glad you said something because I totally didn't even notice that. I will fix that right away! haha.

    This service is wonderful- imo. I love it and I will be going back again and again for my high end makeup!

  10. You're welcome- thanks for reading! I agree though. I will be spending a lot of money on this site. ha


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