Tuesday, July 8, 2014

6 Things Nobody Tells Your About Blogging

Hey babes! How are you doing today? I wanted to share a few things I've learned over the years in blogging that NOBODY ever told me. Blogging can be so much fun but there's things about it that people tend to not talk about in the blogging world. 
1. Be careful what you share / 
Anything you share could come back to haunt you.  With social media being so huge and such a powerful way to communicate with others, it can also be an easy way to hurt yourself. I remember in high school we were told to watch what we put on our Facebook because it could harm us for future employment + that's the same with blogging. Don't share something you wouldn't want your future boss (or clients) reading. 

2. Don't blog / tweet / share when you're angry /
This one is hard for me because I'm kind of a drama queen at times. I have learned the hardest way not to post every single detail of my life online and not to share when I'm feeling angry. Bashing others online just makes ME look bad and I don't want the negativity associated with me.
3. Blogging is just like any other business /
This goes with the above but treat your blog as you would if you owned your own business (you kind of do when you keep a blog anyways). Make sure you're posting content that you love and that reflects how you want others to view your business. What you put out WILL come back to you, I promise.

4. It isn't always easy /
When starting out- blogging seems like it's so easy. You have all these ideas and you're ready to make them all come to life. Over time, you run out of ideas (oh, writers block- how all bloggers LOVE you) and things become even more difficult. If you want some tips and tricks on how I stay organized in blogging, stay tuned for next week! I'll be sharing how I schedule posts and come up with topic ideas.

5. You're going to get hate /
Even your favorite bloggers gets hate, everyone does. No matter what you do, there will ALWAYS be a naysayer and you're just going to have to accept that. Don't be one of those naysayers (but know the difference between being MEAN and giving constructive criticism) and find out what way works best for YOU to deal with them. I'll have a post about this on my blog in a few weeks as well.

6. You will start taking pictures of everything / 
- Your food, your packages you get in the mail, your makeup, you want to capture it ALL. I can't tel you how often I've been told "I can tell you're a blogger- you're taking photos of your food again" haha. I mean, prime example is the photo I took of my In N Out meal.

What are some things you've learned about blogging that nobody told you at first? and what are some things you want me to write about in the future regarding blogging.

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