Thursday, July 3, 2014

HOW TO: get rid of cold sores

So.. I've been a little distant from making videos and posting on Instagram because I've got a cold sore.. and I basically hate life right now. I've struggled with these pesky little devils for years now and I think I've finally got a few tips to keep them under control a little. I wanted to share my advice on how to tackle cold sores so maybe you feel a little less worried about them. I was going to add a stock image of a cold sore to this post but I decided to spare you the details on that (you can thank me later)

- I feel like this is a given, but try your best not to touch it. If you touch it, it's going to get bigger and be way more noticeable and make your life miserable. Also, these things will spread so if you touch it you're making the chances of spreading it a lot higher.

- If you're going to put medicine on it, use a Q-Tip and throw it away right after. This will help keep it from spreading and always make sure you wash your hands right after!

- I don't always catch the tingling feeling right away so the tips to get rid of it before it shows rarely work for me. One thing I've found that works VERY well is using rubbing alcohol on the cold sore. I apply the rubbing alcohol with a qtip and leave it on for about 2-5 minutes. This may burn but it has always helped dry it out faster.

*Some people say to use nail polish remover on your cold sore. I tried it with this go around and I think it did help remove the sore faster but it also made other parts of my lip swell. Just be careful with this. I won't be using this method in the future.

- Ice will help if it gets swollen. My lips swell super bad (TMI?) and that's the worst part about it. It won't make it go away right away but it will help a little.

- I just found out about lysine pills and they've been a huge life saver for me. If you take them daily, it's supposed to help prevent breakouts of cold sores. I take 1-3(1000 mg) pills daily when I have a cold sore and this really helps heal the cold sore faster.

- Cold sores suck but I can promise you that people probably hardly notice. Do not try to cover it up with makeup though. I tried to stay in my house as much as possible but when I did go out in public I just tried not to stress about it too much.

let me know if these helped you in the comments and tell me what other things you've tried that worked for you!

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  1. I have couple cold sores right now too, because I'm sick :(. They don't really act like normal people's cold sores and get bigger if I touch it or pop it. I always feel the tingle before it comes out, and when it does show it's face I pop it and then put alcohol. Usually it doesn't come back. It does scab though, but I'd rather have a scab lol.

  2. Girl, your not alone. I get cold sores at least once a year and boy are they a pain in the butt. Most of the tips you shared above are great for getting cold sores to go away quickly but the most important one to prevent them is to not stress out. Can't wait to see your smiling face again!

  3. Stress is a huge reason for them. I stress wayyy too much- so that's probably why I had one! Thanks for sharing. <3


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