Friday, July 11, 2014

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Hey babes! I placed an order for ELF a few weeks back and finally got it in the mail, so of course I wanted to share with you all what I ordered. I only picked up a few things because they were having a AWESOME summer sale. ELF is already super affordable so when they have a sale, it's a total bonus. 

- I ordered this because it's only a dollar and I needed a brush to help comb my brows with. For only a buck, you can't really go wrong. All the ELF brushes I've tried, I have loved. This is a great affordable brush if you're looking for one.
- This was one of the items on sale and I was really excited to try out their mineral pressed eye shadows. I watched a swatch video online of this and I was in love. It's a brown color with a bit of shimmer- perfect for blending out other shadows. It's super pigmented and just a great shadow. It ended up breaking when I went to film this video and that kind of bummed me out. It's also pretty chalky seeming- but it's super affordable so I guess that's expected.

- I am on the lookout for a cruelty free dupe of a mac lipstick for one of my readers and I decided I'd give this a try. I've yet to purchase the MAC lipstick because it's a bit pricey, but I am getting a list of dupes I think might work. This lipstick is extra buttery and goes on smooth but it does wear off so so fast. It's a really pretty red color as you can see and it's pretty affordable for $3. 
- I honestly think this may be a bit too dark for me but it's the lightest shade. I bought this because I needed some more foundation and I saw that Shaanxo had did a review on it. I have used this once and it does have really nice coverage for being so affordable. I don't really need a full coverage foundation but this one is pretty buildable.

Studio HD Lifting Concealer in FAIR /
-I bought this in hopes that it would be another great concealer for highlighting also- but even the lightest shade is a little too dark for that. It's about the same shade as my skin so it will be a great spot concealer. This isn't thick at all but it does cover well.

 Studio BB Cream SPF 20 in FAIR /
- I love love love the packaging on this! It's a pump but it also has a squishy so you can get the most product out. I think this is a great BB cream, super light weight but has really good coverage. I'm new to BB creams so I'm trying to buy as many as I can to see what I like best.

 Studio Poreless Face Primer
- I've tried a ELF primer before and LOVED it. It was hands down one of the best primers I've ever used so I tried a new one (this one was on sale) and it was the first product I used from this haul. The product itself is super silky, which I love. It is white but smooth to a clear silky finish. HOWEVER- I can't handle the awful awful smell. It smells like chemicals and it was so strong I almost got sick. I'm not sure if maybe I just got a bad batch or if this is how it really smells all the time, I WON'T be repurchasing this primer to find out.

*UPDATE / The company emailed me back + said there was nothing they could do. I did watch another review and they mentioned the smell too but they said it's because of the Tea Tree Oil in it. I can't handle it myself.

I also got the Brightening Eye Quad in Butternut as a free gift. I'm not super in love with these brightening eye quads because I feel the shadow isn't pigmented at all. I will give this one a try though.

  Have you ever shopped with ELF? What are some of your FAVORITE products from there?
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  1. the lipstick looks pretty! id love to see a swatch/review soon :)

  2. Now I'm tempted to get the brow wand :)

    Kayla @ Style

  3. I will be including this in a video real soon. Thanks for reading!

  4. I just ordered a bunch of stuff from ELF and I might do a haul. I two of the Smudge Pots and I'm hoping that they can be a cheaper 'version' of the Maybelline 24 Hour Color Tattoo's. If they are, it would be quite the interesting posts like a 'dupe'.

  5. I heard they were dupes! You should TOTALLY do a haul and a dupe video!

  6. I love the haul! I just had a huge ELF order come in myself and I love that we have no overlap. They've got some seriously fantastic products which is always surprising given the price!


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