Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Blogging Tips: What I've learned

I have missed a few days of blogging + I'm so sorry. Saturday I spent most of the time in the sky or waiting in an airport. Than my sweet sister + her husband took me out for a birthday dinner. We had such a fun time + then she took me to Mikals. I'm not even joking- as soon as I got here I laid down and slept until 7pm the next day. I was so sleepy.

Monday was my birthday. We went out at midnight and I got to order my first adult drink in public. I ended up sleeping kind of late + just hung out at the house. Lazy days are always awesome.

my first legal drink.

Today I'm going to be linking up again with Mary of Secret Obsession blog for October Daily. Today we get to share our tips + tricks. I decided to write a few little tips I've learned over the years of blogging.

1. Write about things you care about + enjoy. Don't fake it or people will notice. Be real, be you. If you are true to yourself + your blog, you're going to get more people coming around. If you're trying to hard to be like every other blogger, people will get bored and see right through you.

2. Design is important but make it YOU. Keep it as simple as you can + pick fonts that are easy to read. If you need help with design, you can ALWAYS hit a girl up. (That's me. haha)

3. Comment. Comment. Comment. It's so important to comment on other blogs + even more important to reply to your comments. Make sure you're able to get replies to your email and you're set. Or install Disqus.. I fancy it over the blogger comments.

4. If you decide you wanna do reviews on certain products, cool but my biggest pet peeve is when people COPY STRAIGHT FROM THE ORIGINAL WEBSITE. I'm sure I've down it a time or two but my tip here is just don't. You're a blogger, not a copy + paster. (and I can usually tell. I just click off. and stop going to that blog)

5. Sponsor blogs you love. If you want to gain more readers + higher traffic, sponsor other bloggers you love. If you're not sure about the whole paid sponsorship programs, swap with the bloggers who allow it. It's an easy way to get your name out there and it supports other blogs. Win-Win.

What are you tips/tricks as a blogger?

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