Friday, June 28, 2013

Paulina's Dating Tips: A Guest Post

Discovering Simply MeHey all of Sabrina's readers. My name is Paulina and I blog over on Discovering Simply Me. You probably see my comments on a daily basis on her blog. And even sometimes two ads spaces on her blog too because sometimes we both get confused on where we buy our ads when.

So of course I would do anything for Sabrina. She knows this by the constant emails we send each other daily asking random questions all the time. So when she guests me to do guest post, I'm all over that.

But of course we have the problem what in the world am I going to talk about. Sabrina suggests I should do one of my crazy dating stories or tips. I'm thinking great because I have speed dating June 26th so would be a great post right?

Well do not get confused by this red hair. I am an actual blonde. And this blonde has many blonde moments.

For example. The speed dating event isn't JUNE, it's JULY. Clearly major blonde moment! Also this is the second time I have gotten this date wrong because I just get too excited and then don't read things correctly. Figures.

So that gets totally thrown out the window.

Back to square one.

Brain storm for about three days then totally forget all about writing the guest post then remembered once I got organized this week. So now enough of my ranting and onto the fabulous tips for all you online daters. Or anyone who wants to have a good laugh.

If you have ever done online dating, 10 to 1 you have gone on a date with someone and have thought they totally lied in their profile. One way people lie in online dating is through photos. If you get past the photos the next thing you need to be careful of is the words. But not going to talk about their lies. Since that would take a novel. Today I am going to share with you how to show your personality so your date isn't the one thinking WOW they totally lied in their profile.

Tip 1: Just like in blogging everyone says to write how you talk. Same thing goes with online dating. To make your profile stand out from the million others in putting in those little phrases that make you, you. Here is how I opened my profile on okcupid. I put in "Holly Guacamole" because I actually say that a lot to myself since I'm not known to curse.

Tip 2: Don't make lists. I know they are great to put across what you are looking for, but according to my guy friends they make us females sound bitchy. Which we do not want when online dating.

Tip 3: On top of lists, do not put exact details of what you want your next relationship person needs to look like. You never know who you are going to connect with. So don't totally cross out red heads. Not all of them are hot headed. I for example am a totally level headed red head. Even though its from the bottle.

Tip 4: Ask your friends for help. Sure most will probably be zero help, but I am sure some will actually give you some good advice. Since you know your friends know you better than you do half the time. Or at least that is what people tell me. 

Tip 5: Don't come across as a slut. You ruin all the decent guys and then I'll have to kick your ass cause I don't want to be single forever. Kay? 

Tip 6: Since I don't like odd numbers. Just be yourself. If your not, you'll never have any luck in the dating world. 

Hope you enjoy my little list. If you ever want to read more of my tips or my insane dating stories. Check out my dating page. And maybe one day you'll be on my blog and you'll find out that I actually have a decent date. Or just continue to read Sabrina's page since she sometimes links those posts when they are on the ultra crazy side. 


I love Paulina's dating tips + her blunt personality. I have mentioned that Mikal + I met via Facebook and online dating seems to be a really big way of meeting people. I love reading Paulina's blog + I think you would dig her too, so go give her a view + become a reader!

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  1. I did the entire online dating for about six months, and if anything it was entertaining!!! I did meet a few nice men, then when I got fed up and was ready to cancel my profiles, the most amazing man messaged me!

    So you never know! I never thought I would find someone to fall in love with online dating, but I did.....


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