Monday, March 25, 2013

Music Monday: A Day To Remember

I did this to myself..

I've been listening to a lot of A Day To Remember recently (uhm who am I kidding? I always listen to them) because in just a week, I will be seeing them again. (Remember when I saw them last? I was walking + happy as ever..) My friend who I mentioned last week had told me that they were playing a new song + I promised myself NOT to listen to it on YouTube and wait to be surprised. (so far I have not listened to it, even though I've been tempted.) however I did run across this gem, the set list that is supposed to be what they are playing live. (ughhh)

I was kind of upset but once I saw it, it couldn't be unseen. So I decided that today I would make a playlist full of these songs so you guys can get a dose of what I'll be listening to live next week.  Obviously I won't have the new song because I refuse to listen to it yet. 
P.s. I am a bit peeved that I didn't know they were selling VIP tickets for meet and greet because..I didn't get one + that kind of makes me sad.. 

Tell me what song is your favorite below.


  1. gah, I always wonder if I should look up setlists or not. I really like the thrill of hearing the opening notes and freaking out, but I also like knowing when my favorite song is going to come on. meh, guess it's a toss up!

    1. I know! I already saw it so I was like "might as well" I am stoked if this is the actual set list though. because it rules. hard. haha


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