Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Day To Remember

 Most of you know I am a huge A Day To Remember fan. I actually had the chance to meet them in Nov. of 2010. I wrote about the whole experience the night I got back, but it was a jumbled mess. I posted it on my Tumblr (you can view it Here), and I just went over it and realized how messy it was. So I decided to fix it up a bit, and repost it here.

We embarked on our trip to see the guys in a day to remember. We met a really kick tooshie band on the interstate, they ended up going to the mall too, so we got bracelets from them. They are called Violets for Verona. (go "like" them on facebook)

Anyways, we waited for about two hours in the freeezing cold, and met some cool kids in that line. We ended up still getting a pretty decent view place, we had the side front row. The secerity guys kept blocking my view, so i kept asking if i could get in front to see since i’m so short. We had a few nice people allow that, but then we got stuck in the middle. All the bands were amazing! No lie. best show i’ve been to. Once A Day To Remember got ready to play, I started to get upset.. I wanted to be in the front. so I kept saying i’m far too short for this, and some guy said “oh, well. jump!” So rude. During their first song, which was 2nd sucks, I got super hot and told ashley I had to get out of that pit. because people were literally like on top of each other. I was smashing into people i didn’t know, covered in sweat. and nobody cared.  Guys were singing and dancing allll over. It was pretty intense. We got to the side and I got some decent pictures. (they are posted on my facebook.) ADTR killed it, and I was so insanely proud of them!
After the show, I met a guy from The Word Alive. and then I went back and waited with a group of dedicated fans to meet ADTR. Alex came out first, and I was like “uhm. guys, that’s Alex.” He was so chill. He came up and shook our hands. He was really sweet and I could tell that meeting his fans meant a lot to him. Some guy was like “how does all this feel?” and he was like “it’s awesome, no lie” He kept coming out and doing more pictures and stuff. Such an amazing guy.

I’m pretty sure Neil was next. He didn’t act like he felt the best, but he still put up with our little group. He signed stuff, and took pictures. I’ll have you all know that people kept asking odd stuff. i’ll go more into detail about that later. but he was really chill. during him signing, there came this huge boom from the tour bus and guys yelled “GET OUT OF THE WAY!” i guess they dropped some stuff, and it was falling down the steps of the bus. someone was like “did they just break your guitar Neil?” and he was like “they better now have. or someone’s getting fired!"

Next was Kevin. Such a sweetie. He came out in some bling bling, which everyone said something about. He was really sweet too. He didn’t stay long, but I don’t blame him. it was so so cold. by this point my hands were numb.

Next, came Jeremy. They opened the door, and there he stood. someone told us not to yell because he hated it, but some dude was like “JEREMMMMYYY!” he was so nice. you have no idea. Sal came out with him. Jeremy was asked a lot of stuff, and he patiently answered them all. I have a video of that I put up on Facebook about it. He was really a cool dude. I was like “you guys were amazing tonight” and he was like “thanks so much. that really means a lot to me.” and he shook my hand and gave me a hug. He kept hugging me. Of course I was in like awe, so I'm sure he thought I was insanely silly.  I kept saying sorry because my hands were so numb Icould hardly move. Some girl was asking about what kinda body soap he uses, and ladies he is a bar kinda man. I said “ew” when he said he preferred bar soap, and he gave me a snarl.  So I said “my bad. i mean, i love bar soap!” and he smiled.

then Josh came out. I didn’t stay long after he signed my stuff, and took a picture with me. But I had like three things for him to sign, and i was like “i am sorry about this..my friend is sitting over there being gay!” and he looked at Ashley and was like “you’re being gay! or that’s what she says”  during our picture, my camera stopped working. so it flashed like forty times, and he was like “ahaha. what are you doing to me lady?” then when it did take, it was zoomed in so bad. and he was like “no! we are not letting you use that. get back here!” so we took another. and then we left.

Overall, i say it was way worth it. The guys were so down to earth, and so very amazing. I had such a good time EVEN if it was hot as no other, and I was smashed with stinky people. it feels so good to be surrounded around people who share a common interest with you, and can sing along to all your favorite songs. I wish they would have played this is the house that doubt built, but hey
such a good show, and an even better night.

Picture Time. Keep in mind, I look a mess.

 Josh Woodard.
 Kevin Skaff
 Neil Westfall.
 Jeremy Mckinnon
Alex Shelnutt

The whole reason I wanted to repost this was because my boys just got announced on Warped Tour for 2011. I kinda expected, but still the news is great to hear. I really hope you guys plan on going out and supporting these guys. I will write more about them on Monday, because they are my featured band for next week. 

Who is your favorite band/artist?

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