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Tag with Jordan of SillySilberman.

Hi there! 

Sabrina is gone for just a little bit, so she had asked me to do a guest post for today! 

Thanks again btw.. lol :)

Some of you may know (or not know) that I am the founder and writer over at SillySilberman! A blog about Fashion/Beauty/Lifestyle and Product Review! 

I'm going to be doing a lifestyle tag! A little random, but kind of fun to read! It's fun to see other's answers and to compare, etc. Anyhow, Let's get this started! 

1. If you had to, who would you live with: a hot, model-type person who was really lazy and never tidied up, or a below-average looking person who did everything around the house for you and why?
'A hot, model-type person who was really lazy and never tidied up'. Never say never, that could always change! Plus, cleaning it like a therapeutic thing to me, lol 

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2. What do you do to boost your confidence when you feel low?
To boost up my confidence, I'll rock my favorite pair of Louboutin's or a new handbag! 

My Personal Image.

3. What product is your "holy grail" item?
My holy grail product would be my bottle of MAKEUP FOR EVER Matte Velvet + 
The best foundation if you have extremely oily skin. This foundation is non-comedogenic, and made with non-irritation formula. Full Coverage in my opinion (I have a face full of acne, and It doesn't show any of it). This foundation is also shine controlling, oil free, water resistant, and leaves a matte finish without powder. Normally matte foundations tend to create a goey looking sheen to your face when you get oily. This foundation I found must be the only one that doesn't do that! It makes this beautiful slight glow to your skin, almost like you have applied a duey foundation!

4. What form of exercise do you most enjoy?
The treadmill! I do a full hour in the morning burning about 1300 calories, then I eat strict proteins form Lindora. I can loose up to 14 pound in 7 days. That is 100 percent truth! But, I'm loosing about 8 pounds a week due to me indulging.. lol whoops 

5. Do you have any interesting or unusual habits?
I am very OCD. I take pills for it. I use napkins for thongs at public places, I always have and order for things, and I make lists like crazy. Siri hates me. 

6. Have you been through any unusual phases when you were younger?
Lmao yes. I have a VERY travel/adventurous frenzy family..  

7. Is there anyone, famous or otherwise, who greatly influences you and your opinions?
Yes. My father makes all the tv commercials on television. True story. He also does many music videos for high named artist including several Grammy Award winning music video 'I Need A Doctor' from Eminem and Dr. Dre! Also, some tv shows, and movies. 

8. What is something you always carry around with you?
My pepper spray and stun gun. Serious, us women are in danger everyday of our lives. Whether it is shopping, grabbing your Starbucks or Pit Bull Coffee, or even just walking to your car. There are a lot of creeps in this world. Men and women. Better over protected than not at all.

9. Is there a book you've recently read and would recommend to others?
I've been really into Kris Jenner's 'All Things Kardashian'. It's actually really interesting and informational. Having a family that works in the Entertainment and TV business. I would like everyone to know that they do make certain actors look more dramatic than normal, and in editing it can seem like one person is crazy. I have high respect for the Kardashian/Jenner family. They are crazy on TV but really sweet and compassionate in person.

Those where the questions! I thought it was strange that it was an odd number of questions. Then again, I pulled it from a YouTube video! lol!

I'm going to add a question to make it an even ten! 

Does your lifestyle consist of helping others out with simple/big things on the daily? If so, why?

Answer it in the comments! I'll be checking back to see what ya'll have wrote! 

Thanks again Sabrina for the Guest Post opportunity! 

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Thanks Jordan for sharing! I love fun tag posts + this was fun for me to read. If you haven't go check out her blog + follow her if you enjoy it.  

As far as the answer to your question, I would say my lifestyle does in fact consist of helping others out. I'm always willing to help others out + do what I can to make them happy.

Let us both know your answers below (I have added a comment approval feature because I've been getting spam a lot, so if you don't see your comment right away, they will all go live once I get home. sorry)

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