Thursday, December 13, 2012

6 Month Update.

Hey Everyone. I am super sorry I've been such a slacker lately with writing a lot. I've been super busy trying to wrap up edits, Christmas shop + catch up on sleep since I've been feeling a bit under the weather.

Today marks 6 months since my wreck. It's crazy that six months have went by already. It's been a roller coaster ride but I am pretty proud of what I've done over the last six months. Six months ago, I totally didn't see myself being where I am right now.

Here's a little video update to catch you all up on how things have been for me.

Today we went Christmas shopping some more to pick up some last minute things + hopefully be done shopping. An older man stopped me to ask about my wheelchair. We started talking and I told him about my wreck + a pretty small recap of what I've been through. He told me that he was hit by a bomb when he was flying in the military and had many troubles over the years dealing with the pain. He was walking but with a limp + he expressed to me how happy he was that he had the chance to talk to me. A random stranger I will probably never see again + I had the wonderful chance to share with him my story. It's kind of funny how God allows things to happen. He kept saying that he was so impressed to see me in such high spirits + how proud of me he was. He only knew what I had told him in the short 15 minute conversation we had, but it was nice to brightens someones day a little. You never know when YOU may have that chance. <3

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  1. I love your update! You are such a strong and positive influence in the world. You make me proud to know you.


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