Tuesday, November 13, 2012

My Trip Back Home // Instagram photos

My trip back home to Illinois was a blast. I spent about a week there (came up on a Friday, left on a Friday) and it went by so fast. The first night, we got home a little late so we just stayed home. Gregory went on the trip too. He was pretty upset about having to stay in the pet taxi the whole ride there, so he stayed outside most of that night. I was a bit worried that he might run away but he eventually got hungry and decided he wanted to snuggle me in bed.

Saturday, we woke up bright and early. (7 A.M.) I was staying at my sisters house and they are part of a ministry that puts on Christian concert every year. (Click *here* to "Like" CrossTies on Facebook) This year it decided to rain on us so we had a change of plans last minute. The concert was held at my high school just a block from my sisters house. I spent the rest of the day running merch for Jason Gray  + socializing with my friends. I actually was talking to a friend about my wreck and a member of a band playing that day overheard. He came up to me later and asked to pray over me. After praying, we started talking and he lives in Nashville (which is about an hour from where I live) and he knew a youth pastor at a church here. He said he would try to get me in contact with them so I can start attending a church here. That was a blessing. I also ran into an old friend, Kasey, who I used to know back in my younger days. He was in a local band I used to try and follow around. It was such a blast talking to him & being surrounded by positive, uplifting people. I also got to see my little niece on Saturday. She was totally more interested in my chap stick and seeing Gregory than she was to see me.

Sunday, I spoke at church. (read: cried terribly in front of the church) I have been SO supported by my church family back home. From the very first day of my wreck they were sending cards, gifts and prayers my way. A lot of them even stopped by to see me. Even after my move, they sent me cards of encouragement. They also helped put in a ramp at my sisters house so I could get into her house a little easier. I have a wonderful supportive family in Christ.

Monday was the day I got my hair colored. I went with red and a blonde. My sister did a wonderful job with my hair and make up. My sister told me she had a Pampered Chief Party that night, so we went home to get ready for that. My sister is terrible at surprises so that secret was out pretty fast that she was planning a surprise party for me. I got to see so many of my favorite people and meet my friend Miles. I even got some birthday gifts I was not expecting. It was such a nice "surprise" and I love seeing everyone!

Tuesday, Shelby and I went shopping. I got some new things and we had Starbucks. Then we headed back to meet up for dinner with some of my other friends. It was so nice to just sit and catch up because I haven't been able to do that in a long time. I am so blessed to have such cool friends. It was defiantly a nice dinner.

my face- "wut?"

Wednesday I stayed home to visit my step mum. She was such a huge help to me while I was back home. Then later that night I drove around and caught up with my friend, Sammi. This was the first time I attempted putting on pants since my accident. + let me tell you, it was a task! I used to wear skinny jeans + those babies were skin tight. I finally got them on though and I felt like a normal human again.

fuzzy socks cause Illinois is cold.

Thursday, I got to see Kenny. He's been my friend for a super long time. When I was like 16, we used to be best friends but we slowly stopped talking to each and lost contact. I'd be praying for a while now that God would bring a good Christian man into my life. Not as a boyfriend, but as a friend to support me. Then Kenny and I started talking again. It was so odd how things worked out so we made plans to see each other when I came home. The plans kind of fell apart last minute, so he drove to my sisters and we watched Netflix movies together. He even got to meet me dad and step mum. I am super thankful to have a boyfriend that supports me in my Faith. I've been complaining to him all morning and he replied with encouraging with the Word and encouraging me to pray. I can't tell you what I find more attractive than a man who has a heart of God. I won't brag too much, but Kenny is such a sweet dude. (:

Friday, We headed to meet my mother half way. We stopped at the mall in Evansville to shop and I made my first Sephora purchase. I have been totally addicted to watching YouTube videos and I have ran across a few makeup tutorials using products from there. I ended up getting a new makeup brush and some glitter eyeliner/mascara combo packs. My sweet sister even gave me an eye shadow palette from there that I use daily. I don't know where this *~girly girl~* came from, but my sister was loving it. We also got a few new things to keep me warm during the winter because like I said before, my pants were a challenge to get on. I even tried on red lipstick for the first time. I'm not a huge fan of it on me, some pale girls pull it off so well. We met my mother later that evening and headed back to TN.

eye shadow palette.

my new boots (:

my sister + i

 I would be lying if I said I didn't cry when I left because I already missed everyone. I had so much fun back home and I can't wait to make another trip back home. I feel like there isn't enough time to see everyone and do all the things I wanted to do in just a week. I can't believe I would ever be so excited to come back to my small little town or miss it so much, but I do. I have such a great support group and I love you all.

Gregory thinks my chair is HIS chair.

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