Friday, November 9, 2012

videos and extra support buttons.

Hey everyone. I'm back from my visit back home to Illinois. I will be posting a "vlog" here soon with all the details about my trip. It was such a fun week and I already miss everyone.

I have started doing YouTube videos talking about my progress and journey as a spinal cord injury. Here are the first two I've done.

I have a bag full of extra buttons that didn't get sold at my benefit. I only have a few and these are the designs that I have left. There are about 50 or so of them that I am willing to give away to anyone who wants to help support me. It means so much to me to have support from all over. If you would like a button, please email me with that design you want (if i ran out of the design, i will tell you.) and since some people have asked, I have placed a donate button in the side bar where you can donate if you would like. These buttons are FREE because they were extra that didn't get sold at my benefit, so you do not have to donate if you do not want to. Most buttons sold for 2$ a button.

Here's the designs:
The quote on the buttons is one of my favorites and one I planned to get tattooed on me soon. It says "I cannot change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails"

If you want a button, send me an email with the subject as "support buttons." my email is In the email, please say what design you want (i.e. green quote or brina octopus") If I have ran out of the design, I will message you back with what I have. Please allow some time for shipping (because I can't always get to the post office.) and if you have already ordered one from me on facebook or Instagram, I will be getting yours shipping out within the first of the week.

Thanks for the support and God Bless.


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