Monday, November 26, 2012

Preview of the Brewer Wedding.

This was the last photo session I had before my wreck + it was such a blast. I've known Aaron and Danielle for a little while now + I've been there for their whole journey as a couple. Aaron asked me to be there the night he asked Danielle to marry him, it was such a special moment that I was super glad to be a part of. I also took some of Danielle and Aaron's engagement photos. It was such a blast to share their wedding day with them. They are such a fun couple.


the father of the bride + the soon to be groom (:

I love this. Danielle + her mother.

 Thanks, Mr. + Mrs. Brewer for allowing to be a part of your special journey in life.

I have been working on these edits for the last couple of weeks + I wanted to share a few with you all. I left an SD card at my sister when I went home last, so I can finish the rest of these edits with you when I am done. Editing these pictures was kind of bittersweet. It will forever be a special part of my life because it was the last photo session I did before my wreck and I had such a blast. I had half of their wedding proofs done before my wreck + then my laptop got a virus, so I lost everything. I am so thankful for the patience that they gave me. I had a blast with the couple.

I hope you had a wonderful weekend + a happy Thanksgiving. I am going to share with you as soon as everything comes in my Black Friday Haul. I got a lot of neat stuff on sale + I am super stoked to share it all with you.

God Bless. xoxox

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