Saturday, September 8, 2012

Tennessee: Home Sweet Home?

I got to catch you all up on things in my last post. What wonderful things you all said. It's super nice hearing from my readers, especially when it's about things like that. I really do appreciate the emails, prayers and kind words you all sent my way.

Since then, I have moved out of a hospital and made my way back home. I've been staying in Tennessee with my mother and step dad. I have only been home a couple of days and it's a huge adjustment. I got my back brace removed about a week ago and my back has been super sore. So doing things like transfers and even sitting up has really hurt me. Thankfully the pain level has all been pretty low, because Lord knows I'm a baby when it comes to pain.

rocking my back brace. (:

I may be four-five hours away from home, but I am really excited for the things to come for me. I think the city is where I can find the best care and hopefully get into a spinal cord rehab center. Where I live now is very close to an army base and I know there will be plenty of kids my age who are in similar situations. I am trying to find a support group in the area so I can meet new friends. I also will hopefully be getting into a doctor and starting outpatient therapy next week. I also went to be measured for a new wheelchair on Friday and hopefully can get that ordered soon. I'm excited for things to come and really have high hopes of getting the best care possible. 

I have asked to do things around the house to keep me busy while I'm not in therapy. My mum has found small things I can manage to do in my chair like do laundry, fold clothes, dust and even vacuum. They all think it's a funny to think of me pushing a vacuum in my chair, but it's totally worth it. The more I can do and learn to do, the better I will be when I get out on my own.

Overall, things are doing great. I am still getting adjusted to being home and having to do a lot of things on my own but I have the greatest support system. My aunt is also down to help. She's been a lot of fun to be around and she buys me chocolate chip frappes from Mickey D's and that makes me happy. Gregory also made the trip down and he is adjusting well. My mum has two dogs and we were worried about one of them being mean to Greg, but they all seem to get along well. 

Greg was less than stoked for the ride to Tennessee. He hated that cage.

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