Tuesday, November 10, 2015


If you're like me, you probably have waiting until now to start Christmas shopping. I actually usually wait until a week before we have Christmas, but I'm trying to learn to adult a little better. I decided I would head to Hallmark to make things a little easier for me. I knew that Hallmark would have a variety of things for me to get for a lot of different people in my life... and I was right. 
They had stuff for my two year old niece. I knew she loved Frozen so when I saw the Elsa ornament, I had to get it for her. This ornament is different than the normal ones because it can't be broken. I thought that was great for her since she is younger. Plus, she is in love with Elsa and I wanted her to have a special ornament for her second Christmas. The other two plushies are just for fun. They were so soft and I thought it would be a great stocking stuffer. These are all from the Itty Bitty's line at Hallmark and I think the line is great for any toddler you may be looking for.

If you know me, you know I love mugs. I thought this mug would be perfect for anyone who loves Star Wars. I thought it was so cute how the outside says "The Force Awakens" and the inside said "Caffeine does, too" I think mugs are a great gift for really anyone because it could be used by everyone. So of course, I had to get this and can't wait to give it as a gift.
and lastly, I got these two cards. They are both so cute and I knew that I wanted to get them as soon as I saw how adorable they were but when I read on the back that each card would donate 10% of the sales towards kids in needs, I knew I wanted to buy them. I think it is so important to give back and how awesome is it that the Life Is Good brand will do that? So not only do you get a super cute card, but you get to help someone out. I love that. Right now, Hallmark is offering buy one get one 50% off all cards until Nov. 15 so if you want to stock up on some cards before the rush hits, now is the time to do so.
That is just a small little Hallmark haul of things I picked up for Christmas. If you would like to check out Hallmark, you can do that here. They also have these really cute artisty soaps and candles that I LOVE. You can check those out here.
What will you be picking up from Hallmark this Holiday season?

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