Thursday, November 5, 2015


October is over and now that it is November, we are getting hit hard with the Christmas vibes. In fact, a few nights ago I went to Wal-Mart and they already had the store decorated for Christmas. I could have died right there. Christmas is one of my least favorite holidays but I know that so many of you guys love it and I thought I should get started on the gift guides early this year.

Today I wanted to talk about giving back. That's one of the best parts about Christmas is being able to give to others. My school is currently accepting donations for a local women's shelter and I picked up the flyer so I could see what they will accept as far as donations. These are some of the things listed:

1. Unopened Makeup / Hair Products
- You may want to check with the shelter before you donate these items because some shelters will not accept these but I thought it would be nice to include. I personally love makeup and I know how good it makes me feel, so I would want to share that with others.

2. Toothbrushes / Tooth Paste:
How often do you go through tooth brushes and toothpaste? Pretty often, right? So do the shelters. This is something that won't cost you a lot to donate and if you can coupon, you can often get toothpaste for almost free.

3. Deodorant:
This is something everyone benefits from. You can donate any kind of Deodorant and it will get use by someone in the shelter. This is also something that can really help to boost the confidence of someone who is living in a shelter (think about how great you feel when you smell good).

4. Towels / Wash Cloths:
I never thought of donating towels until I saw it on the list of items needed by a local shelter and it totally makes sense. I'm sure the shelters go through these items fast as well.

5. Feminine Products:
Pads, Liners, Tampons and whatever else you can think of. Make sure, again, to call the shelter before sending these. Often times women in shelters do not get the right products to help with their needs because it is overlooked. U by Kotex is offering coupons for some of their liners right now, so if you want to stock up to donate now is the time.

6. Clothes:
- I just went through some of my old clothes I never wear that are still in great condition and put them in a box to be donated to the free clothing center. This helps me clean out my apartment but also gives to someone who may only have one or two different outfits to wear. As winter comes, it is so important these people have the correct clothing to keep themselves safe and warm. Find out what sizes and types of clothing are needed and donate what you can.

Make sure you call your local shelter and ask what they are in need of specifically before you donate. Let me know your thoughts in the comments. 

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