Thursday, September 24, 2015

Spinal Cord Injury Awareness Month + (GIVEAWAY)

September is coming to an end and that means this will be the last giveaway for this month. I want to thank EVERYONE who has been supportive of this and joined in on helping spread awareness this month. I cannot put into words how much it means to me. I also want to let ANYONE who may need it that the Christoper and Dana Reeves have a crisis hotline you can call if you're feeling depressed. The number to call is 1 866 697 8394. Check the Reeve Foundation website for more info about living life with a SCI!

This month my goal was to spread as much awareness as I could. I know with social media being such a powerful way to spread messages fast, this would be the best way to spread awareness and hopefully change someones life. I know a lot of you guys may not understand or really care about this stuff, but it could come as useful one day if you or someone you love experiences a spinal cord injury.
Just THREE years ago I was heading off to my first out patient therapy center. I remember we had so much trouble finding a therapy center to take me because my age and injury, nobody wanted to work with me. I finally found a center that had no problem taking me and I was so relieved whenever we ended up being accepted. My therapist ended up becoming one of my favorites and she really pushed me to my limits and I loved that. I was so sad when we had to part ways because I met all my goals with her.
One thing I'd like to see is more therapists who are wiling to take risks like she did. I'd like to see more therapy centers adapted so that people who do have a spinal cord injury can get therapy without having to search high and low for it. I know knee replacements and things are more common, but I would still like to see this change being made. 

I hope you guys enjoyed this month and enjoyed entering this giveaway. This last one is super fun and I hope you enjoy as well. We will be giving away a CUSTOM 6' WEAVING from WOOL + WOOD CO, the Maybelline Nude's palette and a little prize pack from me. If you've entered any of the giveaway from this month, you basically have completed entries into this giveaway... so go ahead and fill out the widget so you can win. (below is an example of the weavings Wool + Wood Co has created.)

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