Tuesday, May 12, 2015


In just a few weeks, I will be heading to Chicago for the very first time in my life! I am so excited to explore a new city with my mister and of course, SHOP! I've been saving for this trip and have created a wish list of things I want to grab while I'm there! I really need clothes, but my wish list consists of makeup!

KAT VON D SHADE + LIGHT: EYE: I've never tried Kat Von D shadows but this palette is calling my name with the ALL MATTE shadows! It's spilt into three quads of which you can use to create certain eye looks. I've heard positive reviews on this, so of course I want to see what it's about.

TARTE AMAZONIAN CLAY FOUNDATION: I've had this foundation before and LOVED it. However, I didn't want to spend the money to buy it again but I've been seeing a lot of people talk highly of it again recently and it made me want to splurge on it again.

MAYBELLINE DREAM LUMI TOUCH: This is something I could easily grab from the drugstore but I wanted to add it because it's been on my want list for a while. I've seen a lady on YouTube use this and it highlights her under eyes so so well.

VELVET TEDDY (MAC): Lately, I've been loving nude colors and this lipstick is the best color. I'm hoping it won't be too dark for my skin though.

URBAN DECAY NAKED CONCEALER: Everyone has been talking about this concealer lately. They all say how amazing it is and how well it covers so OF COURSE I have to try!

MAC SOFT + GENTLE: I've heard this is the best highlight for pale girls like myself. I had another MSF that I enjoy and figured this would be great to add to my collection.

KAT VON D SHADE + LIGHT CONTOUR: Contour is everything right now and with so many people coming out with kits, it's hard to pick one. I've seen a lot of pale skin girls using this kit and loving it for their skin so I'm hoping this won't be too muddy on me.

What make up items are you wanting lately? Have you tried any of the ones I mentioned? What are your thoughts?

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