Friday, April 17, 2015

#UnderAwareness + Saying Goodbye To The Stigma

Thank you to Depend for sponsoring today’s post about the #underwareness movement. 

A while back- I wrote a post about dropping my pants for the #underawareness movement and Depends is BACK with this social campaign to spread awareness about bladder leakage and end the stigma. I have shared my personal struggle with bladder leakage on this blog before and I was so nervous about sharing... but the truth in the matter is that I'm not alone. 51 million women experience bladder leakage and almost EVERY person I've met with a spinal cord injury has lost some (most of the time ALL) control over their bladder.

When you think of bladder leakage, what comes to your mind? I bet you think of old people in the nursing home but you're wrong. Bladder leakage can happen to anyone and most people who experience leakage are in their 20s! As someone who has a disability, I can totally vouch for this. I never knew that being injured COULD mean I would experience something along the lines of bladder leakage. This is a daily struggle for me and I'm thankful that Depends has this campaign going on.

The thing with bladder leakage is that is can be embarrassing and it's totally inconvenient but Depends has made it easier with their Depend Silhouette Active Fit briefs. They are moderate-absorbency and they are thin for comfort. They come in two different colors- black and beige and they look and FEEL just like real underwear. These make life with bladder leakage just a bit easier to handle and you can grab a FREE SAMPLE right now so you can try them out for yourself! I know people of all ages who have struggles with leakage and upon talking to them, you realize how common it really is.

If you are struggling with bladder leakage and feel comfortable sharing your story, I would love to hear it! Make sure you check out the #underawareness to find out how you can help end the stigma and check out the Depends page to grab a FREE sample! 

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