Monday, September 15, 2014

weekly wishes 025 / + a chat

  1. CRAFT / I have TWO DIYs up right now and I'm working on some more. I 
  2. Find 3 new Instagram Accounts to follow + spread love to / This was a lot of fun. A few of you gave me your instagram names and I was able to check out your accounts. I loved meeting new people through it and highly recommend checking out new instagram accounts each week.
  3. Apply for more jobs / Done. Keep sending positive vibes / prayers my way about this though.

  1.  Work on monthly giveaway / It's the middle of the month already so that means it's time to start planning the monthly giveaway. I can't believe it's almost October!
  2.  Drink more water / I've been downing sugary drinks lately and homegirl needs to drink some water. Might sound like a lame goal- but water is important.
  3. Organize / My apartment will be getting remodeling in a week or so and I'll have to be out of it for three weeks. I'm already stressing about it but I'd like to get everything and tidy as possible so that things aren't a mess when I get home from the remodel

So I've been thinking about something lately. After watching a few other bloggers talk about their blogs / brands on YouTube- I have really be struggling with some things.  The main thing is trying to create a brand for myself. I took a step back and looked at some of my favorite bloggers / YouTube-rs and I try to figure out what I love about them so much. The first thing that really comes to mind is the fact that they are REAL. They share their life, the good and the bad and they always stay true to who they are. I think that is the main thing that makes me fall in love with someone and become interested in what they have to say. Of course, people are always going to value the thoughts of people who they feel are being honest with them.

The next thing that I really love about my favorite bloggers is the fact that they are always consistent. I always know what type of content to expect and the quality of the content. I am thinking of two bloggers in specific here, but when I see a post go up I can automatically tell it's by them without even looking at the name. This is the part where I feel I lack. I don't feel that I'm consistent throughout my social media sites and I haven't been the happiest with what I've been putting out into the interwebz. My main struggle is picture quality and honestly, it's something that I've really been down on myself lately. I know this may sound strange to people who don't blog or maybe even to those who do. I feel as a blogger, I HAVE to brand myself + I feel I lack at this.

I read on a forum (it was a mean forum trashing bloggers- so maybe I shouldn't be taking advice from it) that readers don't care about picture quality, they don't care about what feeds into your brand- they just want to see what's REAL. The biggest part of me says just to share things and not worry if the picture quality is the greatest or if it's fits a certain look / feel- it's my life.. but then there is that part of me that says in order to be successful, I need to have the best Instagram photos, the best blog photos and the most clever tweets. As someone who reads blogs, what do you think of this? and blogger, speak up too. What are your thoughts on branding yourself as a blogger?

I know it all comes down to doing what I want to do and I will. I just like getting thoughts from other people. I like getting outside thoughts on things and that's why I'm reaching out here. Let's talk in the comments!

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  1. A lot of bloggers and youtubers' band is a reflection of who they are. Little pieces of their personality shines through the type of things they share and how they choose to share it. Pictures can say a thousand words, and I have struggled with taking quality photos. I don't think photography is the end all be all for a blog, but it is a neat way to add dimension to whatever you are sharing.
    I know for me, I am still working on my brand, how what I create can be recognized without even looking at the name. It is a process that takes some time to figure out. What is fun about looking at bloggers and youtubers I am a fan of, is looking back at their old stuff when they first started out and then looking at what they are creating now it gives some perspective and it encourages me to keep at it.

  2. That's a great idea- Felecia! I never thought to check them out when they first started. There is the saying that goes something like "Don't compare your start to someone else's middle" or something like that. Thanks for your input!


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