Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Easy, BOLD at Home Meals with Chili's

I suck at cooking. I know I've mentioned it many times before but I am awful at it. Living on my own has KIND OF made me a little better but I still wouldn't offer to cook for a large group of people. With that being said, I tend to want to grab what's easy to make for nights when I'm alone.. or even when Dustin is here and he doesn't feel like making anything. I love going out to eat but because I live in a small town with little choices on where to eat and because I'm on a tight income, that isn't always the easiest thing for me to do. So of course, I find a way to bring the two together- Chili's At Home Meals.

While shopping the other day, I came across these take home meals from Chili's and I thought it seemed like a good mixture of the two- easy meals without feeling like I'm eating at home. I grabbed one from me (Chicken Bacon Ranch) and Dustin picked out one he thought sounded good (Pepper Jack Mac N Cheese). There were so many choices to pick from and they all sounded amazing. Upon getting home and trying these (let's be honest- I made both from myself... oops) I feel in love with the Pepper Jack Mac N Cheese. It was so creamy and bold. I totally recommend grabbing it next time you're near a grocery store.

They offer single serve, multi-serve and family sizes so these are perfect for anyone- a student who is on a tight budget and short on time (or, like me, lack cooking skills), a mother who wants a easy (but bold tasting) meal for supper, or even for a fun date night for couples. They have a large selection of meals that will satisfy every person in your home, even the picky eaters.

Check out all the options here and tell me what ones you're going to be picking up next time YOU hit the grocery store! (There may or may not be a coupon, too)

*Many thanks to Bellisio Foods for sponsoring today's discussion and keeping my meals tasty and bold!
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  1. They were- highly recommend Pepper Jack Mac N cheese! If you go to the website I've listed- you can get a coupon for them to try out for yourself- totally worth it!


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