Wednesday, June 18, 2014

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I'm Jordan Silberman, a 16 year old that loves the small things in life, as well as a blogger over at SillySilberman!

So today, I will be sharing with you all a subscription box that I absolutely adore, and one that I have subscribed myself to for quite some time; Whimseybox.

Whimseybox is THE destination for DIYers and crafters. They offer a $15 monthly subscription box that brings a fresh new DIY project to your door every month. contains hundreds of DIY projects for inspiration, and a blog full of DIY tips, techniques, trends and tutorials. The Whimseybox Shop is now open and in it you can find materials, tools and kits for all your crafting needs!

Whimseybox provides a fun and positive outlook whether your crafting by yourself, with friends, or with the family!

You see, at Whimseybox, they believe that everyone can make something beautiful. (Yes, even you Miss./Mrs./Mr./Ms. I’m Not Creative!) And they know firsthand how awesome the experience of making something yourself can be, but too often the hassle of gathering materials and following confusing instructions, derails even experienced DIYers. Whimseybox brings the best designed projects and top-notch materials from the bloggers and brands you love directly to your doorstop every month. Follow the instructions precisely or give the project your own spin – it’s all up to you, and it's just as simple as that!

The Whimsey Box I got was the Paper Flower Kit; specifically the Peachy Keen kit. The kit had a project level of beginner-intermediate. I agree to differ. As a pretty craft, DIYer myself, I found this project difficult! I would say it had to be an advanced project. 

For $15 you get all of the essential necessities to make the craft without any extra purchases. For example, this box included several different tissue paper colors and textures, scissors, liquid and stick glue for personal preference, double sided buds for flower center, flower tape, and more. 

The cool thing about the Whimseybox Store, is that if you run out of paper, or you break the special scissors, you can go onto the store and purchase a la carte products.



•Quality over quantity•
•Cheap when considering competitive subscriptions•
•All tools are included and more•
•Fun and engaging•
•Reusable box•
•Family friendly•
•Kid friendly•
•Templates and instructions included•
•Special achievement pin with each new category of craft•

Both PRO and CON:

•Arrives the last week of the month•


•DIY's can be difficult (depending on the person)•


Whimseybox is for those who are looking for something fun to arrive at their door step each month or something to have fun with your kids and friends.

If you're interested, feel free to visit the site through this link for $5 off your first box, or a 15 day $5 credit in the Whimsey Store!:


Hope you enjoyed what I had to share today, and thanks for having me! 


I LOVE subscription boxes and I was so excited when Jordan said she wanted to share this with ya'll. I don't know if I personally would subscribe to this box, mostly because I'm not a DIY person (as much as I want to be, I suck at it). Check out her blog and let her know you found her from me!
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