Friday, June 20, 2014

Things I learned from my big sister

 I know I've talked about my sister before and most of you probably know how much she means to me. I've noticed myself being reminded of all the little things she's taught me over the years and now that I'm an "adult", I'm more thankful than ever for them.

Growing up my sister took on the roll of being a parent figure to me. Which means she had to set rules and she had to punish me if I broke those rules (which I happened to do often). We couldn't always have the sister-sister relationship we both wanted because I needed the guidance. Once I moved out of her house and started finding myself as a young adult, I found myself being thankful I had rules and someone who loved me enough to keep a tight rope on me. Lately I've really been thinking about some of the things she's taught me or done for me over the years and how it's shaped me into the person I am today... and I wanted to share with you those things

1. She taught me how to love
- One of the most important things I think I learned from my sister is how to love. Not only has she shown me love herself, but she showed me how love should be. I may have been young when she met her husband, but I was able to see how they treated each other and how they put God first in their relationship.. and I really try to remind myself of those things when I'm in a relationship. She also taught me a lot about loving myself (which isn't always the easiest).

2. She taught me to chase my dreams (and she supports me no matter what crazy idea I have)
- My sister is a business woman and I admire that in her a lot. She owns her own salon and is wonderful at it. She also works for Sexy Hair where she even got the chance to go to New York Fashion Week (and she travel all over for Sexy Hair, totally jealous). Watching her run her business and chase her dreams has really inspired me to chase my own. Everyone told my sister there would be no money in the career field she wanted to go into and that she wouldn't make it, but she wanted it and she made it happen. That's so inspiring to me. I have no idea what I want to do with my life and no matter what crazy idea I have this week, my sister stands behind me and supports me fully. (except for when I told her I wanted to name my children Shawty and Andreanda)

3. She taught me to be a hard worker.
- This one kind of goes along with the above. My sister is a hard worker, there's no doubt about it and she started teaching me young how important being a hard worker was. My sister had me working at 15 in order to pay or my cell phone. When I turned 16, we took money out of savings to buy my first car and I had like a month to get a job so I could start paying that savings back. I remember thinking she was THE WORST for making my pay for things but this really helped mold me into the independent person I am today. I may not be the best with saving money but I am thankful she taught me how to manage it.

4. She taught me how to organize
- My sister LOVES to organize and growing up I always thought she was kind of crazy for being so excited about pieces of plastic, but now that I'm in my own apartment, I have learned to appreciate these "pieces of plastic". In fact, we both get excited about trips to the Container Store. I'm thankful my sister is always on her A game for organizing because she's my go to when I need help organizing something.. and when I want someone to share my excitement about storage ideas I have.

(It's a strapless dress, ya pervs.)
4. She taught me about "girly things"
- I remember when I finally became "a woman" and got my first period. Just days before I started I was telling her how I just couldn't wait to get my period so I could be a woman. Then when it happened, I was crying in our room and telling her how I really regretted wanting to be a woman and that it wasn't what I had hoped for. My sister took time to talk to me about periods, makeup and even boys. Now that I'm starting to find my obsession for makeup, I love going to her and asking her advice about makeup tips / tricks she has.

5. She shared with me the love of Christ.
- This is huge. My sister has been a HUGE HUGE part of my walk with Christ. We prayed together, read the Bible together and she always answered all my questions. To this day, she will send me Bible verses that she sees that reminds her of me and she's always reminding me she's praying for me. It's really encouraging and I'm thankful for that.

6. She's teaching me how to run a business.
- Since I've been unemployed since my wreck, I've really started tossing around the idea of eventually working for just myself. I really look to my sister and her husband for the inspiration in this. My sister and her husband both run their own busines and I'm always learning little odds and ends about what it takes to make a business run and be successful.

I'm thankful for my sister every day and I'm glad we have the relationship we have. She's been my biggest supporter and my very best friend. Do you have a sibling you're close to? Let me know in the comments below

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  1. Aw, what a sweet post. I don't have a big sister and I'm the oldest one so no one 'taught' me these things. I hope my younger brother says the same things about me as you say about your big sis. Except for maybe the girly things, lol.

  2. I'm the baby of the family so I guess in a way I am spoiled by that. but haha. I hope so too.


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