Monday, June 9, 2014

weekly wishes / 016


  1. write penpal pack / I haven't mailed this off yet because I'm waiting on her new address.
  2. work with brighter eyeshadow / I created a few looks but found out my eyes react bad with some of the colors.. boo. BUT if you would love a tutorial, maybe I could film one for you.
  3. FILM / I got my favorites up and you can view that here.
  1. learn new editing software / my boyfriend helped me get a new editing software for videos and it's a bit overwhelming so I want to learn how to use it and maybe edit a few videos with it by next week.
  2. eat better / I've been working on eating better each day and this week I really want to focus on what I'm eating and how much of it I'm consuming. 
  3. use Polaroid camera / I finally got film for my camera and I want to take at LEAST one photo with it this week.
  4. work with Benefits new liner / I want to get a solid feel for this new liner before I post a review for you guys. I know a few of you have asked for it and I will have it up this week. Thanks!

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