Friday, November 1, 2013

October Favorites

Normally, I would do my favorites in video form but I've been traveling so much lately I just haven't had the time or motivation really. I've tried a few new things last month + I've also found a few of my new staples so I wanted to share them all with you.

  // Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette
- I seriously reach for this baby ALL the time. I love being able to use it for all sorts of looks + it's perfect for traveling because it's small. I ordered it off TopHatter for less than retail + it's probably the best choice I've made in a while.

// Tarte Lights Camera Lashes Mascara
- I wrote a review on this mascara forever ago + I wasn't so impressed but lately I've been reaching for it so often. It makes my lashes look awesome + it comes off so easy at night.

// Say Yes to Grapefruit Facial Wipes
- Hands down the BEST facial wipe I've ever use. It smells good + it's easy on my skin. Plus, it's cruelty free.

// Wet N Wild Pressed Powder
- I love this pressed powder because one, it's cheap. Two, it's light enough for my skin and three, I'm pretty sure it's cruelty free.

// Rite Aid Renewal Face/Powder Brush
- I bought this when I was in California as a birthday gift and it's such a soft brush. I love using it to apply my powder because it gives such a soft touch.

// Intials, Inc. Makeup Bag.
- My sister bought me the BEST makeup bag for Instials, Inc + I'm totally in love with it. It's perfect for traveling and even has places to organize. Take a look at it here

// American Horror Story: Coven
- Uh this show rules. I watched season 1 & 2 in a matter of days online and I was so excited when this new season came out. It's a bit strange at points but I totally love it... and Evan Peters? Total babe.

// Ravenswood
- I kind of feel like it's getting off to a slow start BUT I still dig it. I think it has a really cool plot to it, just hope they do something with it.

// Pretty Little Liars
- Okay, I know it won't be back for a while now BUT the Halloween special was pretty kick butt.

// True Vintage Love
- Brittney is such a sweet gal with killer eyebrows! She just had a little baby girl + I'm seriously so excited to watch her grow as a mom.

// Life as Mrs Aguila
- I love working with Victoria. She's so sweet + so easy to work with. I am super thankful the blogging world brought us together.

// Sometimes Z Takes Pictures
- Z is a lot like me, actually. Except she's much cuter + seems way more together than me. I really loved this post she wrote about why she sponsors blogs. 

// Instagram
- I have an addiction. I think I use this app so much on m phone. It's probably my most favorite social media site.

// Common Courtesy
- The Newest A Day To Remember album is seriously so perfect. I've been listening to it so much + I can't stop

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  1. I LOVE grapefruit wipes. They're a part of my nightly routine. My husband even steals them sometime :)

  2. Naked Basics! I've been lusting after it, but I can't justify buying yet another neutrals palette.

  3. I'm with ya on the Instagram obsession... I just can't help it! Love this post :)

  4. Love how you added random favs too :) I'm with you on the naked basics palette, it's amazing x

  5. Let me just start by saying I love American Horror Story. I loved the first season, the second season was okay but a bit much for me to follow and get into and now I'm obsessed with the new season. I think Jessica Lang (Fiona) is amazing.

    I have the UD Naked 2 palette which I love and I have been wanting the get the Naked Basics palette for months now but do I really need both?! I can't decide...

    Haily @ Our Wild Dreams

  6. I know. I thought the second season was a bit weird but I love love LOVE me some Evans Peters. DANG. haha

    It's hard to decide to buy more makeup. I am always like "I have a shade like that. I have a color like that" and never want to purchase. I read online that the UD Naked 1 palette is very similar to UD naked Basics- but I haven't heard the comparison between Naked 2 + Basics.

  7. thank you! and I know right? Perfect for everything.

  8. It's the best social media site to date. What's your UN I will follow you!

  9. really? That's funny. they smell so good so I don't blame him!

  10. :D I JUST SAW I WAS ON HERE. You're so sweet!

    ♥, Brittney @ True Vintage Love


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