Wednesday, October 30, 2013

How To Pick The PERFECT Blog Name

I mentioned in my last post about how I'm working on trying to create a brand that you all know + love. In the process, I've been feeling the pressure to change the name of the blog to something that fits me more. I'm stuck because I feel I've created a lot of content under Cattails + Cardigans and I don't really want to start over new. Not to mention, it's a lot of pressure to pick the perfect blog name. I've been reading up on how it's important to build a brand and it all starts with a GREAT  name but how exactly am I supposed to get this perfect blog name? I have listed a few things I've thought about when trying to pin down the perfect name for me.

// Decide what you want your name to represent.
- If you plan to forever have a fashion blog + only blog about fashion, create a name based on fashion. However, if you want to have a blog that doesn't have a niche or one certain topic to post about, think of a name that can cover it all. If you pick a name that's going to be specific to a certain niche you may later have to change it.

// Something that can grow with you.
- I want my blog name to be able to grow as I do. I don't want to pick something that only represents me at this time and won't in a few years. I feel that's my main problem with my current name, it isn't who I am anymore. I know that I won't always love the same things + I know I'm going to change as I get older, but I want to pick something that can change as I do. Make sure that the name you pick can stay with you for years to come.

// Make it consistent.
- It's important to make sure that you're consistent across social media so when thinking of a name, make sure it's available on social media sites you plan on using. It's important that people can recognize your name + know it's you. This is something that I think really sticks out to me about bloggers I love- everything just GOES and I love it. I can always depend on them to be the same across social media sites. Not only with their name but also with their content. You can use NameChk to see if the name you're thinking of is available. Even if the FULL name might not be available, try to shorten it a little.

// Branding.
- If you're like me, I'm wanting to change my name so I could create a stronger brand for myself. I want a name that I can have go together with any project I set forth under. One of my favorite bloggers is Kaelah of Little Chief Honeybee is a perfect example of this. She has created a brand for herself and her blog. She has a mobile boutique she calls "Honeybean". Her husband and her have a photography business called Him + Honey..everything FLOWS together well and I love that most. Think about what spinoffs you can do to create a strong brand for you.

What is your advice for picking out the perfect name?

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  1. This is funny. So I realized I changed my blog name once a year. Three years so naturally three names- Think I'll be keeping my newest one!

    Two is better than One- yes like the song
    this little love- where i'm at now and finally drumroll......
    to be "The Petite Mrs" but i like it bc I'm a stay at home wife and I'm petite! :) It'll continue to encompass our whole lifestyle blog.

    1. did you find it was hard to change each time? Maybe since you've done it- your advice can help push me in the right direction of finding a blog name.

  2. I've thought about changing my SUPER boring blog name but im not anytime soon. It's difficult to come up with names so id rather stick with miya loves bc at least i know it goes with the subject of my blog.


  3. Don't stress - pray about it! God is holding the perfect blog name in His hands just waiting to give it to you. Just ask. Definitely stop stressing! It will come to you. How I chose my blog name is, I thought of my perfect band and started reading through all their songs and lyrics. One day (after hours of doing this) I came upon one and it... just spoke to me and hit me square in the face. It's one that can grow with me and expand and doesn't have anything to do with a specific niche. Good luck!

  4. Thank you Cara. That is JUST want I needed to hear!

  5. Thanks for reading. Do you have any tips on changing the blog name? Maybe your advice can sway me better!

  6. Yes- you're right. Picking a name that will go with everything is key.

  7. Girl, I've been following you on Twitter for a little while now & have no idea why it took me this long to follow your blog too! Haha. But glad I changed my blog name 4 times. Pshh. Now I feel like I have a name that not only suits me, but can grow with me as well (like you said!). Love all this advice.


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