Thursday, October 3, 2013

October Daily: A High School Memory I Won't Forget

All October I will be linking up with Mary of Secret Obsession for October Daily. Today's prompt is: Share a high school memory that you will never forget.

I'll be honest, high school kind of seems like a blur to me. I think back to things that happened before my car accident and it all seems like a dream to me. It's so odd. I have a few things that really stick out to me here but I found one that I have actual photographic proof of.

My best friend (Shelby) and I went on this youth event with a church I went too our like freshman year of high school. I forget now what event it was but there was a ton of BMX babes there that Shelby and I were totally flirting with. (Typical freshmen girl thing to do- I know. I'm embarrassed to this day) and we saw this mega babe and we wanted our picture with him. His name was Seth and we were all giggy over him.

We ran back to our hotel room to get ready because I guess we didn't think we looked good enough for pictures. Once we found him downstairs, we were like "Hey. take a picture with us." and he mentioned that the photo booth was broken and that it had been giving away free photo strips all night. So we were like YEAH, let's take a photo booth photo. Which he did...

A few days after leaving that event, Shelby called me and was like "holy crap Sabrina. Seth was JUST ON T.V." and I was so confused. Apparently this dude is super famous and we didn't even know it. His name is Seth Kimbrough + he's a super talented dude. We just thought he was a babe (he still is a babe too. I hope he isn't reading this though haha) with a super sweet personality.  I actually always laugh at this whole situation because I just really think it's hilarious how annoying I was (+ still am)

What is something you remember from high school? Link Up with us below + share it!


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