Tuesday, October 29, 2013


I see a lot of bloggers I look up to + I see they all have a common element- everything flows together. From their blog design to their social media, everything just GOES. I love that about them. I can always be sure of the same consistent things with them + I think that's what keeps me coming back. Over the next few weeks, I plan on doing a lot more with the blog. I still want to change the name of the blog (which is going to take a lot of work) and I want to work on making this blog be ME.

I've been blogging for over two years now + I'm super proud of how far this blog has came. I'm thankful I started it when I did and I've grown so much as a writer. Lately, I've really felt like I needed to take a new direction with this blog + turn it into a brand people know and love. 

With these thoughts, I've wanted to change a lot of things about my blog. I've been really thinking about changing the name of the blog (to what, I'm still not sure.) but I feel Cattails + Cardigans works for now. When I picked out that name, I was mostly thinking about how cattails could mean like actual cat tails, not the silly weed things. Not everyone thinks that way though. Also the Cardigans part was because I do love fashion, but I'm simply NOT a fashion blogger. I have only ever posted one outfit post? and that was one of my directions I wanted to take when I started this blog. Time has changed and that just isn't something I want to do right now.

My focus now is simply a lifestyle blog. I don't feel I have a certain niche or something I'm super great at. I want this blog to share everything I love and even personal posts. I understand not all bloggers want to talk about their person life, but I do. I want to talk about my crazy adventures and I want to share everything I love on this blog.

Some new changes to the blog:

// I made an Instagram account JUST for blog stuff. @cattailscardigansblog is the username (If I change the name of the blog- that will obviously change as well). I've also been using the hashtag #cattailscardigansblog to lump together any posts about this blog- if you want me to see something, use that hashtag + I will find it.

// I've added a newsletter to the deal. If you sign up (the link is right under my about bio), you will be getting monthly highlights of what's on the blog + what's to come. You may also be getting sweet deals and discounts that nobody else will get. I promise not to spam you if you sign up!

// I've went back and erased a lot of older posts. When I first started this blog, I wasn't sure what I was doing. I tried so hard to be like other bloggers I looked up too. This blog wasn't me. I erased a lot of silly pointless posts but kept the important ones or ones I thought were funny. If you ever get bored, go back and read some of my older posts. You can TOTALLY see how much I've changed.

If you guys fancy, I wanted to may write a few posts about how important branding is and how to revamp your whole internet life (changing social media names/emails/ all the works.). Let me know if you think that's something you'd be interesting in reading + if you think you would, let me know some questions you have about rebranding (or branding in general)
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  1. This is exciting!!! Looking forward to what's to come!:)

  2. This is exciting!!! Looking forward to what's to come!:)

  3. yes interested in re-branding posts! no questions though but would love advice/help on the topic...

  4. Whoa girl, you go! I've been trying to slying avoid the fact that my blog is growing and my brand might not be matched everywhere...hooray for you! Can't wait!

  5. I'm excited to see your new design! You just reminded me I need to unify my stuff again, I used to have specific Twitter and Instagram accounts but they just drive me crazy. I know they're better, my schedule was just too hectic.

    What program/company did you use for the newsletter?

    I would love to see some posts on branding! Thanks for sharing!

  6. I have a special twitter account for it too but I never use it- mostly for contests and giveaways.

    for my newsletter- I used mailchimp. It's pretty easy so far to use

  7. I look back on my old posts and think the same exact thing. It's easy when we start out to just try and do what everyone else is doing. But I've realized the blogs I pay attention to are the ones that stand out and are unique. I love being myself on my blog :D www.blytheponytailparades.com

  8. Oh Violet- you're so right! I always come back to the ones that are different and stand out to me. It's crazy that you say that though because your blog is one of the first blogs I found and loved. You're from around the same area as me + are friends with people I know and I came across your blog and was in love. You're a very talented person. Thanks for commenting!


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