Monday, September 2, 2013

I Confess...

I've only done a link up a few times but I thought since I'm feeling a lot of bit sleepy + sassy from my long day of flying, I would do one of these. I saw Becca of Becca Maybe had done this and I thought "Why Not?"
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Here's my confessions... 

I confess... All I've had to eat today was junk. I had cookies on the plane ride and I ate pizza for dinner. Livin' like a champ.. I obviously haven't made it to the grocery store yet.

This was dinner. Holla.

I confess... I sometimes get girl crushes on some of my favorite bloggers and I like to follow all their social media and gawk about HOW CUTE AND PERFECT THEY ARE. Yeah, that's me. Sorry.

I confess.. I have been writing ALL my posts super last minute and not even proof reading them. I think I like this type of blogging a lot. I spend time thinking about posts when I get one I want to post, I have to type it and post it RIGHT THEN.

I confess... I spend way too much of my life watching pointless/creepy YouTube videos and getting lost in the world of NetFlix. Currently in love with Teen Wolf.

 I confess... I am super excited about being in California but I already miss being home... good thing I have my mom and Gregory here with me. 

I confess... I'm turning into a girly girl + I honestly NEVER saw this happening. I used to be a mega tom boy and never thought I'd be watching makeup tutorials on YouTube or having to pack more makeup than clothes because I can't decide what to wear.

I confess... I can't stop singing Usher now. THESE ARE MY CONFESSIONS.. Just when I thought I said all I could say.

I confess... I wanted to share more personal/funny/embarrassing things but my mind just isn't with it tonight. Sorry Ya'll.

I'm going to be posting facts and answering your questions all month long here on the blog. Send your questions to my and  I will answer a few each post when I get them.

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  1. AHHHAHAHA!!! I sang that Usher song the WHOLE time I was writing mine too!!!! And for several hours afterwards!!! lol! Thanks for the shout out, sista! You're the best!

  2. That pizza is making me hungry for some myself! I confess I am totally hooked on Netflix as well and now will likely be checking out Teen Wolf :)

  3. Yay! I am so glad you started Teen Wolf! I love me some Styles!

  4. I also get weird crushes on blogs and then follow them on every social media platform...they probably think I'm stalking

  5. I love your confessions! I do the same thing with the girl crushes! There are just so many amazing women who blog who I admire so much!

    My guilty Netflix pleasure? Hemlock Grove. So weird... I just had to keep watching.


  6. I love these confession posts and the first one I did, yup couldn't get that song out of my head, even titled it that way LOL
    oh snap, I think I hate girl crushes also, YIKES!! LOL I do the same thing. Stalk all of you bahahaha.
    happy to be on your side bar this month Sabrina AND I need to add a follow button to my blog. I finally got an Instagram account and finally where in California are you?
    I am in California LOL
    Life as Mrs. Aguila


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