Friday, August 9, 2013

Repling to Comments the RIGHT Way.

One thing I think all bloggers should do is reply to comments left on your post. It's important for many reasons. One, you can build relationships with other bloggers and that's very important in my book. It's also a total bonus to have bloggy friends. These people go out of their way to comment on your stuff. I know some people getting annoyed with the generic comments like "great post. check out my blog" but it's important to talk to people who actually show interest in your blog and what you post.

Now I've been blogging for a few years now + I never really got into replying to comments until recently. I never really knew how to reply to comments until like a week ago, I'd be doing it all wrong the whole time. Let's get into it, shall we?

When someone leaves a comment on your blog post- it will appear similar to this. (If you use blogger) and you have the choice to reply right there under the comment. To my knowledge- these people usually do not get notifications that you've replied to them if you reply in the thread. (When you just hit the reply + type your comment like above)

However, the best way to reply to comments is through your email. Using blogger, I get a notification each time a comment is posted on my blog.  (do this by going to your dashboard > settings > mobile and email > put in the address you want comments to come to) The email looks like the one above + I have an option to reply right in the email. This sends your reply straight to the email of the person who commented + you can carry on a conversation for days.

However, this won't work if you're a no reply blogger. How do you know if you're a no reply blogger? Go to your blogger profile (you should see a icon with your name on the right on the screen on your homepage- click that.)

If you do not see this- you are not set up to enjoy the commenting system on blogger. 

If you do not have your email set on your blog (like I mentioned before), when I go to reply to your sweet comment, this show up in my inbox:

(I love Z's blog, btw. I've mentioned her a time or two  + today she just so happens to be my example.)

and when I reply, my email never gets to you. You never see what I have to say + my words just go to float in cyberspace.  That's when I get sad. So let's fix this problem so we can be blogging bffs.

If you have questions, leave them below. I hope this helps. 

Happy Friday. Enjoy the weekend!


  1. Yeee I love being the example! This is really helpful - I just made the switch from wordpress to blogspot and have been looking for a good way to communicate with my lovely commenters. :] Thanks loads for the tip!

    1. yeah- blogger kind of makes it difficult to communicate. This takes a few steps but you can keep a convo going for days if you want.

      thanks for being a great example. I know I didn't ask you first, but you did wonderful ha

  2. I reply both ways. I'm silly like that. I am thinking of installing Disqus to rectify having to reply twice.

  3. Thanks so much for this! I wasn't sure how anyone knew that I was reading or replying to their comments.

  4. I reply on my page too right now. I don't do it in email because for some reason I feel like it looks like I don't care about replying to commenters! Plus I make it a habit to subscribe by email to every thread I comment on. I know that's not the norm but I do it to ensure I see if someone replies back!

    1. I feel that way too. I feel like people think I don't reply at all- But I do. Promise. haha

  5. WHAT! I totally didn't know this. I have been doing it the first way you talked about! Thanks a lot for this! :)


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