Thursday, August 8, 2013

I Suck As A Blogger + Here's a Few Reasons Why

Remember my little heart to heart I had with you guys a little while ago? Well, this may end up being one just like it but I just have really felt that I've not been putting my all into this blog + here's a few reasons why I feel I suck as a blogger.

1. Photo Quality- I pick a iPhone over a DSLR
I have a really nice camera that I could use for photos- but I never do. I feel it's so much work to get it out, edit them +  upload them. I don't know WHY because I love taking pictures + I made it a goal to myself to take more lifestyle photos. I've actually not even had my camera with me until I came to my sisters last week. I'd been missing taking pictures + needed it for better videos. I want so badly to take better photos for this blog but I think my iPhone will forever be easier.

2. Another thing about photos:
I never never really understood how to size them properly. I'm that blogger who had (and still does) photos of all sizes and it makes my blog a little hard to look at. Even I get like "holy cow, this looks terrible." better I never really wanted to fix it until lately.. and I still don't have it spot on. OH! and how do people always get those perfect little collages of their instagram photos? Someone said something about Flickr, but I have no idea. Teach me your ways, somebody please.

 (like this, how can I make this fit the width of the page +  not look stretched?)

3. I have a boring life.
I really do. Right now I'm sitting in my pjs while Mikal works on his computer. I honestly have barely left the house since I got here on Saturday + the one time I did leave the house was to go to the grocery store + stalk the makeup section in Meijer. I can't even buy anything from there because I'm at my budget spending limit until next week. I feel like other bloggers have this busy super awesome life + it's picture perfect. Of course, that's kind of what they want you to think. Nobody really talks about the bad things in their life cause ya know, that'd make them look bad. I just live a boring life + I feel like nobody wants to read about that.

(and I take super unflattering photos of myself + post them online for you all to see..)

4. I never stick to a blog design
I feel that my blog design is a little boring right now  but I also feel I change it way too much. I want to change my side bar so so so bad but I hate that I change my design like twice every month. I can't stick with one thing for a long period of time + I feel that's a big reason I suck as a blogger.

5. I'm not crafty.
Doesn't it feel like so many bloggers have a special talent or something they are really great at? Not Me. I share my passions with you guys + I go on random kicks where I really love this thing + talk about it a lot. Next month I may be into something totally different, it's just me. I don't really feel I have that ONE thing I'm really great at.

6. I suck at social media.
I do. I never remember to do shout outs on Friday. I post a lot of song lyrics that won't make sense to anybody unless they know the song + I use my personal Twitter for my blog stuff too. I have two twitter accounts but one is for contests + I use the main one (heysabrina_) for everything. I know it's a rule or something not to keep the two together but I think it's way too much trouble to have a twitter account JUST for blog stuff. I try not to get involved in lots of drama or anything, but I do post a lot of personal stuff on my Twitter. AND I don't even know how to utilize my Facebook page. What do you use it for? I just linked up my Bloglovin' account + it updates for me. Other than that- I have no idea.

Do you feel the same way too? Tell me below if I'm alone in this or not.


  1. I change my design ALL the time. I put code in to get all my photos the same size, but it didn't translate well to certain browsers. Ladida.

  2. This is weird because I was going to have a post like this soon. I'm going to try and not leave paragraphs in a comment. To sum it up, I think we all (including myself) get caught up in what a blogger is supposed to be, when in reality YOU should define the kind of blogger you want to be. You control what content you put on your blog. And if you want to change your design 7 times a month, then do it! It's yours. & Personally I love reading more about someone than seeing crafts day in and day out. Note.. its three thirty in the afternoon and I am still in Pjs. I hope that makes sense, and I am sorry its so long. I just started a new blog because with my old one I got caught up in what other blogs were like, not what I wanted from mine.

    As far as the pictures go.. I use because you can organize really cute collages and resize pictures!

  3. Girl, no worries. I think you're a great blogger! We all go on a lull or are just unispired every now and again. No worries. Do you have skype? I am totally willing to Skype w/ you and show you how I use photoshop for collages and to size my photos.. .and I'll show you how to fit that into blogger! Let me know, I can "share my screen" with you, hubba, hubba!

  4. GIRL. You and I are of one mind. I feel all these things ALL THE TIME. I feel as though I'm constantly thinking about my blog...but that doesn't help it! Plus I just swapped my blog from wordpress to blogger...and BLARG so much to change! Anyway, I completely feel you and want to tell you that it's okay to feel like a 'bad blogger' sometimes - but I love your blog! just the way it is! so I hope that counts for something :]

  5. My life is so boring too. I feel that I do not do anything interesting enough to even post it on my blog or even social media.

    Pic Monkey lets you make really cool picture collage things. Also, here is a link to resizing your pictures so they fit the width of your blog. I haven't tried to do it so I am not quite sure how well it works!

  6. And here is the link that I forgot.

  7. Hey! I have some tips that may be useful?

    If you don't want to figure out the width of your post section but want your pics to fill it set them to width="100%" the height will change to keep the correct aspect ratio and will alter whenever you change your layout style. Just make sure that your photo is LARGER than the post box. Does that make sense? You have my email.

    For collages it's more widths. Say I want to have 3 pic in a row. Since my post section is 620 px wide I set each picture to width="200" then they'll fit in one line.

    I am here to help anyway I can! I love your blog!

    xx Sarah

  8. I feel ya!
    I think you're just searching for the perfect blog design. But you may have gotten in a mind set where you'll 'never' find the right blog design. So write out a list of the things you want your blog to feel/look like. Maybe even just treat yourself as one of your customers. Ask yourself things you ask your customers.

    The thing your great at, and is your special talent. Is the fact that you can blog about your life! So many bloggers don't know how to blog about their life. Let me just say Sabrina, you draw me into your blog! I love reading every post. I love how you let your personality shine through your blog.

    If you want your life to not be boring (which I think your life is nice, not having to do anything, but I know how you feel!) you should go out! Go to parks, hangout and browse at stores. If you can leave the house, go thrift store shopping. But maybe just bring a small about of money like $5 or $10.

    Try starting to take out your nice camera and take pictures of small things. Maybe even just a couple times a month. Make it a goal to take it out a small amount, then a larger and larger amount of times during the week or month. Just take pictures of daily things, it's a good habit to get into. I've been in your shoes many times. I don't have a super nice camera, but I feel like it's a hassle to get out and use. But it's well worth it if you make the effort.

    About your photos, I don't have an Iphone, but for my camera pics. I just size it Extra Large, so maybe for Iphone pics always do Large or medium.

    Also with my old blogs, I was literly ALWAYS redesigning it. Because I didn't know what I wanted on my blog.

    I hope some of this helps!
    xo sarah.

  9. Oh mannnn. I totally get ya! I just started my blog up recently and feel like "oh man, I suck!" whenever I'm reading the big-name blogs. I know I've got lots of time to improve and find myself in it, but man, it does get discouraging. But then I think, "well, if I were to force myself, it wouldn't really be MY blog anymore." I guess that's the key. Not trying to be like everyone else. But everyone else is so awesome all the time, haha!

    1. You're so right. I feel sometimes I force myself to write + be like other bloggers, but that isn't me + that's what has me feeling down. I am not just like everyone else + I have my own life, my own likes + things I want to blog about.

      I'm going to check out your blog now.

      (you're a no reply blogger- so I can't reply to you via email)


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