Thursday, August 15, 2013

If You're Sad, You Can Always Watch This Video

If you've following me on twitter, you already know the news..

my laptop is broke.

and it happened at the worst possible timing. (My luck) I woke up and it wasn't charging, it wouldn't turn on. Nothing. Dead. My laptop is a few years old and I have been having some issues with it, so when I took it to be looked at today and I was told it was going to cost 150$ to fix and another 125$ for a sticker for it (which is stupid.) I thought my next best bet would be to just purchase a new laptop. Now I'm sitting at home, using my mothers computer to fill out important paper work (that regards my spinal cord injury), replying to emails + trying not to stress majorly over the whole thing. I'm kind of stuck on if I should spend all the money I have to purchase a new laptop, pay to get mine fixed or just wait until I get paid again (which is in like 3 weeks...I don't know if I can wait) to get a new one. I need a laptop to fill out the paperwork + if things go okay, I could be leaving my home and heading out all by myself. I don't wanna travel to a new state and NOT have a laptop.

While I'm slowly trying to figure out what I'm going to do, I saw this hilarious YouTube video + wanted to share because this is the first thing that's made me smile tonight.

I just love Miranda.

I might also feel a little better if you tell me about times you had your laptop/computer break. Then at least I know I'm not alone.



  1. HA welllll my boyfriend threw mine across the wall. My laptop was my baby. I was heartbroken. You're not alone! I had to wait for him to be able to afford to replace I'm stuck with awful Windows 8

    1. oh, I know. Windows 8 was on like..every laptop I looked at and I was like "This looks awful.."

  2. haha, thank you so much for that video. I love Miranda Sings! You aren't alone. I've had so many laptops just take a shit without any warning. I finally got a Macbook Pro and its seriously my favorite thing in the world. Thankfully it was a gift because I never could have afforded it on my own.

  3. Oh man, I love that video, Miranda is hilarious! And I hope your laptop gets fixed or you get a new one soon, I'd definitely be freaking out too!


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