Monday, June 3, 2013

Ways to Make Money Online

I don't know how often I see people asking "how can I make money online?" and today I thought it would be fun to talk about some easy ways to make money online. I've found a few easy (and free) ways to make  money.

1. SwagBucks- Swagbucks is a website that you join (for free) and you can earn "Swagbucks" which can later be used to buy gift cards, gaming systems, or whatever else you want. I've been using SwagBucks for a little over a month now + I rarely get on + I've almost got enough to get a gift card online. Earning points is simple, you can answer surveys, do daily polls, watch videos, play games, etc. You can even use SwagBucks when you shop online + you get points when you purchase stuff. I haven't used it to buy online but I think you get one swagbuck per dollar you spend. Also, you can follow them on Twitter or Facebook for codes + trivia posts that earn you more points. If you're interested, click here and sign up!

2. AdSense- If you have a blog, you can sign up for AdSense through Google. I use this on blog + my YouTube. I've had it running for a while now and haven't been paid yet, however you don't get paid until you reach the threshold of 100$, which obviously can take some time. This is a simple way to earn money if you already have a blog.

3. Opinion Outpost- I tried to use this site but I wasn't very fond of it. I've heard of people actually making money from it and that is isn't a scam, but like I said I've never used it so I can't back it up 100%. Basically you take surveys and then you get money for these. It's similar to SwagBucks but you only have to take surveys.

4. Sell Things on eBay or Etsy- If you've got things laying around your house (like I know I do) you can sell your things on eBay or if you're crafty, start an Etsy store and sell your things through there. These sites both have fees that are charged for using their site but they are super cheap (like .20)

5. Services- I've seen lots of bloggers have "Hire Me" sections on their blogs where they offer up their services. I've seen them offer services like design work, guest blogs, PassionFruit Help and lots of other things. If you're good at something, try selling your services online through your blog.

6. Don't forgot that if you have ads/sponsors on your blogs you can also bring in money. Set up your ad shop with Passionfruit + you can easily start making money from your ads. Passionfruit tracks your ads, how much money you make + just makes it super easy to have sponsors on your blog. Don't worry, if you want to just set up free swaps Passionfruit can help too. If you are a blogger + aren't using Passionfruit, well you're just silly.

Erin from Living In Yellow  breaks down some more info about making money from blogging. Give it a look here.

I hope these helped. If you have any more tips or ideas, let me know in the comment below!


  1. You are SUCH a great blogger. LOVE IT lady!!! You rock!

  2. Thank you for this informative post! I appreciate it :)


  3. Great post! Do you recommend I get passionfruit even though I'm a beginner in blogging and very few followers?

    1. Yes- of course! You can do swaps (which are free) and it makes sponsorships so so SO easy.


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