Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Clean Your MakeUp Brushes; A How To

I will admit, I never EVER clean my brushes. This is the first time in a good year that I've cleaned them and I had NO idea what I was doing. I did some research and I wanted to share with you all how I cleaned my brushes. I think it worked pretty well + it was pretty simple. Let's get started.

You're going to need some sort of baby shampoo. I used Johnson soap because it is what I had around my house. You're also going to need a towel and of course some dirty brushes.

 Start by pouring some shampoo into your hand or onto a plate. Take your brush and rub it back in forth into the shampoo.

Once you feel you have the shampoo worked in well enough, wash the brush in some warm water. If you run under the sink, make sure your brush is slanted so that the water runs down the brush. If you let the water run into the top of the brush it can hurt the glue and make your brush fall apart. (This brush was extra messy)

This brush is one that I use for EVERYTHING. I know it's totally bad but I use it for my liquid foundation, my powder foundation and my blush. I have never cleaned it + I'm not pretty sure that it will be forever ruined because my foundation clumped up in the middle and I cannot get it clean for the life of me. This is the Powder Brush from ELF.

Once you're done make sure you lay your brushes out to dry. If you can put them on a slant so that the water will run down and not into the glue that holds the brush together. It could take a while for some of your brushes to dry, so just be aware of that.


  1. This is exactly how I clean mine, too! I am a new follower- I really like your blog. You're an amazing woman!



    1. it seems to be the easiest way to clean them + they actually get clean. That yucky brush is actually really clean looking now but i know that all that stuff isn't out of it.

      Thanks again!

  2. i need to get on this! i can't even remember the last time i cleaned mine :S


  3. Guilty! I can't remember the last time....I so need to do this.
    Thanks for the tips.


  4. Its post like these that makes me happy I don't wear makeup. You are very courageous for taking time to clean all the brushes. Wish you luck getting all the makeup out of there.

  5. mmm, girl..I love me some beauty tips! i'm thinking of buying new brushes (GOOD ONES) and I'll definitely need to learn how to take care of them!! do you have any specific brushes you would recommend?? (my friends say sephora has the best! or mac??) haha


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