Friday, February 8, 2013

Today // Feb 8 2013

So this morning I woke up to a text from Kylie (my friend who is buying Fall Out Boy tickets for me) and she said that they sold out before she could get them. I was super upset but I realize it just probably wasn't meant to be.

Then I get to therapy, pretty stoked about telling my therapist I had practiced getting from the floor to a chair at home and did perfect. My other therapist (his name is Kevin) got really worried and basically told me I need to stop trying to do all these things by myself. So I was pretty bummed about that. Then he went super slow and treated me like a baby in therapy. He wasn't pushing me to my limits, taking everything really slow and not letting me do things the way I felt comfortable and safe with. I was really upset by that. I know I need to take some things slow but he was basically taking baby steps on stuff I've been doing for the last few weeks.

Then Mikal and I had a little disagreement where I got a little more rude than I probably should have. We ended up talking it though, which made me feel a little better about our date tomorrow (yes, I know I'm going on a date. I'm excited)

THEN I see that tickets for The Dangerous Summer were on sale for 10$, so I bought two for Mikal and I. I was already feeling really good about things when I notice Kylie tagged me in a Facebook status SAYING SHE HAD BOUGHT FALL OUT BOY TICKETS..for St. Louis. So I get really excited and basically start to freak out + then it hits me "Sabrina, you're in a wheelchair, what if this venue doesn't have a good policy to keep you safe?" So I try really hard to find a phone number to contact the venue, I ended up tweeted them (super classy, I know) and they said they do have options for wheelchairs I just need to call. So basically I am one happy girl right now.

This day started out being poopy but thankful it has worked out and now I'm really happy.

I'm off to paint my nails, take a shower + eat some dinner.

Happy Friday, I love you all.
(sorry for the jumbled mess of words up there^ I'm so excited)


  1. Glad to hear your day got slowly better and hope you have an awesome time on your date! :)


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