Monday, February 4, 2013

Fall Out Boy Is Back

That's right, you read it right. One of my FAVORITE bands is back after three years + going on tour. Tickets go on sale this Friday + I couldn't not be any more excited about life right now. Happy Monday, blogger.
believers never die. 

Here's a playlist of some awesome FOB songs, just in case you weren't cool enough to already know them
the take over, the breaks over. FOB BBY by sabrina dellinger on Grooveshark

i love their cover of the Police. I used to jam it with a good ex friend of mine driving around late at night. it's perfect.
I kind of got a little excited with all the news of Fall Out Boy touring again that I forgot to write for todays NaBloPoMo. Today I must confess all about my first crush, which is someone I don't even talk to anymore (he's now married + has a kid.. so crazy. I only know this because his mother is my facebook friend)

My first crush was a boy named Rusty. I was probably like 10 or so. Rusty was cousins to one of my childhood friends + I just thought he was super insanely cute. We dated for a while but it was a "long distance relationship". He lived about 20 minutes from me + he never came to visit his cousins. It's tough being young, okay?

Isn't it crazy how much I thought I was about to marry that boy and now we don't even talk? He has a freakin' family, too. It's just nuts.

Hope you're having a great Monday.


  1. SO GLAD and SO EXCITED YOU SHARED THIS!!!! s;dljf;lasjd xxoxo

    1. i know. I am prettty freakin' excited about things right now.

  2. Love Fallout Boy! You have a great blog :) New follower

  3. Fall Out Boy! Fall Out Boy! I had a similar post on my blog, haha. I just couldn't contain my excitement!!! I'm literally sweating at the thought of trying to buy tickets on Friday...EEEEEEP!

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