Friday, January 25, 2013

Weekly Wrap-Up

1 // I love candy so much. I had both those bags ate within a day.
2 // I decided to play with my new texture iron last night. I love it so much.
3 // B+G's for breakfast. So good.
4 // I forced Gregory to take a picture with me. He basically hates me.
5 // I have been so bored lately. I just end up taking lots of selfies.
6 // Guess who wore pants for the second since her wreck? That's right. This gal.
7 // Gregory got a little posey.
8 // I love my hair in a bun like this. I will admit this is a repost.
9 // I'm sizing up, so I'm selling these plugs/tapers. If you're in the market for new ones. let me know.
10 //  I got to wear my TOMS for the first time since my wreck this week too.
11 // This picture is so perfect. No Beard, No Cats, No Chance.
12 // I got new nail polish + painted them. I love that glitter.
13 // I need a tattoo touch up.
14 // This picture will show up again soon on the blog..

How was your week?


  1. Hey sweet lady! You should upload your pics to flickr and then paste the HTML into your post. It makes the size bigger but perfectly fit to the width of your blog posts! Just a tip!

    1. oh my gosh! thank you. I was seriously like "why does this look so crappy?" and it took forever to do.

      i will totally try that next time. you rule.


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